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Release 17.2.0

A big release with new features and enhancements in BIM, Documents, Insights and much more!
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Sunday, 5 March, 2017


Our 17.2 release is big, get a coffee and settle in for a long read! There's new administration tools for Mail, improving information management and distribution. There's a range of enhancements to the document viewer, making your reviewing process easier and Connected BIM launches a limited release that integrates the Document Register into your BIM workflow.

Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.


Connected BIM


Mail Administration

Document Viewer



Bug Fixes

Instance Release Dates


Connected BIM

Easily locate your model stacks with new filtering tools

A large BIM project might have more than 100 model stacks and it can be time consuming trying to find the one you need to access and work on. Connected BIM’s new filtering tools include an auto-fill search of your model stacks and also allow you to order your model stack list by name or date. No more looking for a needle in a haystack!

Join the limited release program of Connected BIM + Aconex Document Register

We’re making Connected BIM even more connected, joining it to the Document Register. This integration will improve management of design coordination processes and help control model access across the project team. The limited release program will allow participating projects the ability to add models to Connected BIM directly from the Document Register and collaborate across Aconex on the single model file, through access to connected documents. Additional enhancements and features will be rolled out to users during the limited release program.

If you would like your project to be included in this program, please contact your Aconex representative.


Contents search expanded to include files up to 50mb

Contents search allows you to find documents based on the text in them. Up till now, the search was limited to files below 10mb – now your search will dig into files up to 50mb in size.

Mail Administration

Set up Mail to go to pre-determined recipients automatically

Project-owning administrators can now configure Mail Distribution rules so that users and groups from organizations across a project can automatically receive mail based on the Mail Type or data provided in mail form fields. It’s a great way to improve the accuracy and transparency of communications, and ensures the right people are seeing the right information. If you would like to enable this functionality, please speak to your Aconex representative.

Mail Forms has a new project field type – "User"

The introduction of the User select list in Mail forms allows you to configure mail types that can include project users within the mail form via a multi-select option. This allows you to improve accountability in your mail processes.

Document Viewer

Auto-closing thumbnail panel in the document viewer

We’ve enhanced the document reviewing and viewing experience, maximizing your working space by auto-closing the thumbnail panel when it’s not in use. You can expand it when it’s needed and it will slip away as you continue working.

More workspace maximizing – Workflow Steps panel when reviewing documents becomes collapsible.

When you review documents in a workflow, the Workflow Steps panel is now collapsible. You can work with a more complete view of your drawing or document.

Signature tool now available in the toolbar

We’ve moved the Signature tool so it appears in the left-hand toolbar, along with the other document reviewing tools. It seemed like the right thing to do.



Insights’ new Checklists view shows the progress of site inspections. It includes a view of all checklist types, how often they’ve been run and the number of issues reported across the types. You can also group checklist types by category and show issues by their status – closed out or not.



Related Items events to the document event log

If a change is made to the relationship between documents, you can now use the Related Items Events tab to see who made the change and when it was made. This allows you to make sure changes are made by appropriate people and also improves the quality of auditing.

Bug Fixes

Workflows Multi-file upload: pages in Polish, German, Russian, Turkish were missing translations

Our Multi-File upload page wasn’t appearing correctly in Polish, German, Russian and Turkish. This problem has been fixed, now you can upload in the comfort of your own language.

File names with uppercase ".PDF" were not working in the new Online Viewer

A strange and annoying bug was causing PDF files with an uppercase “.PDF” extension to not open. Thankfully we’ve fixed it, uppercase or lowercase, now you can enjoy your PDFs however they come.

Instance Release Dates

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:

AU1 – March 5

UK1 – March 13

HK1 – March 15

CN1 – March 16

Aldar, MEA, KSA1 – March 17

US1 – March 19