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Release 17.3.0

It’s the Field of your dreams!


Field has been getting a lot of love from our teams, and we think you’re going to start feeling some of that love yourselves. The big news – structured inspections can now be done in Field with your favourite inspection forms. But there’s much more to explore ...

In other news, the Document Viewer gets a few new tricks, and Aconex Mobile for iOS has some nifty new features as well.

Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. We also stagger the core release dates across the instances.




Administration – Org Registration

Workflows - Document Viewer

Aconex for Mobile - iOS


Bug Fixes

Instance Release Dates



Structured inspections made easy - meet Field Forms!

Once upon a time, a checklist form was a printed piece of paper, carefully designed to help inspectors do their work consistently and to the standard you specified.

Printed forms … they’re so 16th century. But in Field? Online? It’s very now!

Just upload your PDF forms into Field and create dynamic form fields that capture data in a way that allows you to easily report on it.

Take a look at how it’s done.

Note that Field Forms is outside of the core Aconex functionality and comes at an additional cost. For more information, please talk to your account representative.

Copy Checklist Templates

Say goodbye to redoing checklist templates for each new project. Field administrators can now use Field Web to copy sets of checklist templates from one project to another. The templates can then be customized once in the new project as well. It’s a beautiful thing!

Share checklist templates across your project

Increasing collaboration at every opportunity … Yes, along with sharing your checklist templates across projects, you can now share your templates with other organizations working on your project. Field administrators can dictate the standards that all parties on the project should adhere to, improving quality and making it easier to communicate.

Working offline with Issues and Checklists gets better and better

We’ve introduced the ability to add, edit and view issues even when you’re in the middle of nowhere (or even the middle of somewhere!) without an internet connection. And we’ve done the same thing for Checklists ... You might not be connected, but you can still start, edit and view checklists. You are unstoppable.

Got a comment to make on an issue?

Field now allows you to add comments to issues. You can seek clarification on defects that have been assigned to you, dig deeper into a defect and also provide progress updates on that issue.

Look out in upcoming releases for the ability to add comments to Issues Status, and also the ability to add comments when offline.

Improved image resolution for your uploads

In the not-so-distant past, mobile devices took photos that looked like Monet paintings – kind of blurry. Things have changed …

Field now brings your beautifully detailed images into the app in all their glory. Sharp as a knife.


Bulk actions in Mail gets a 100-mail limit to improve performance

Marking a huge number of mails as Read, or Closed Out, or deleting a truckload of draft mails was causing a few performance issues, so we’ve limited the number you can process at once to 100.

Administration - Org Registration

New organization registration form on limited release
We’re very happy to be launching a new organization registration form, first in Australia, but with a global launch to follow in the near future (we’ll let you know). The form has been simplified and is now a cinch to fill out, getting new organizations up and running faster than a speeding bullet.

Workflows - Document Viewer

Keep an eye on how many comments a PDF is getting

Not quite as fun as a Facebook like, but you can now quickly see how many comments a PDF is getting with a counter in the Comments Panel.

We’ve also made it so that a file that has comments will open with the Comments Panel expanded, so you can get straight to work processing them. And now if you remove all the markups from a document, the Comments Panel will put itself away again. It’s pretty neat.

A rejig to the tool icons in the new viewer

Nothing radical, we just reordered some of the icons in the toolbar so that they follow conventions you might be used to from other mark-up software. A small change for the better.

Aconex Mobile – iOS 5.8.0

Supersede placeholder documents from your device

A placeholder document in the Document Register can now be superseded from your device, you just attach a file and upload.

Image gallery uploads – sorted

In a flash of inspiration, we've made it easier to select images from your photo gallery. Now when you go to attach an image, the images will be sorted so that the most recent image is listed first. Easy!

Markups on your mobile!

You can now mark up PDF documents from your Phone.


Process Insights

Next time you visit Process Insights in Aconex, you’ll notice a banner above the project dashboard inviting you to preview a new way of looking into your mail-based processes. At this stage we’re trialling it just with RFIs, but in the coming months you’ll be able to configure this view to show as many mail-based processes as you’d like to have visible. Give it a whirl!

Document Viewer – Bring your parallel step mark-ups into line

Markups made by reviewers in parallel steps can now be consolidated onto one file with this beta release. Designed around the markup capabilities of the new online viewer, the Consolidate option allows a reviewer to merge all mark-ups made by previous reviewers. It makes reviewing so much more efficient, no more juggling multiple sets of comments. 

Bug Fixes


  • An annoying bug that made a document impossible to supersede if it used special characters* in its name (or other document fields) is no longer a problem at all.

  • We fixed a similarly annoying bug that stopped the forgotten password link from being sent to email addresses containing special characters*.

*What’s a special character? Letters like +, ~,, , and are what we’re talking about here (and that’s just to name a few!).

Aconex for Mobile – iOS

We fixed:

  • one bug that forced you to manually add a recipient, even though the mail type had distribution rules applied.
  • another bug that made images you attached to a mail from your camera roll a little fuzzy. Now they're crystal clear, sent at the resolution you took them in.

Instance Release Dates

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:

AU1 – April 2

UK1 – April 10

HK1 – April 12

CN1 – April 13

Aldar, MEA, KSA1 – April 15

US1 – April 16