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Release 17.4.0

More Field tools and we’re adding some color!


It’s a small release this month, but you know what they say ...

Add comments to Field issues! It’s a handy addition and we know you Field lovers will be making good use of it.

There’s also a new palette tool for brightening up your document-viewing days, and a couple of bug fixes as well.

Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. We also stagger the core release dates across the instances.




Bug Fixes

Instance Release Dates


Got something to say about a Field issue?

You can now add comments to issues in Field! You can seek clarification on defects that have been assigned to you, dig deeper into a defect marked as a dispute and also provide progress updates on that issue. You can say pretty much whatever you want! In future releases we will be adding commenting functionality to Issues Status, and you’ll even be able to add comments when offline.

Refresh yourself!

Need to make sure your Issues list is up-to-date? Just use the pull-down-to-refresh gesture that you know from most mobile apps. This means there’s no more refresh button, so get that pull-down finger ready!


No more link to the viewer from transmittal page

We removed a link from the menu on the transmittal page which took you to a read-only view in the old viewer. It was confusing and not very helpful, so it’s gone!

Putting a little color into your document-viewing day

We’re adding a new color-palette tool to the toolbar during this release. With it you can:

  • select a default color for all markups
  • select a number of markups on a document and apply a color you like to them with one click
  • break free from a default color and choose your own for a markup that you want standing out all on its own

new color palette in the document viewer

Bug Fixes

Document Viewer

You know that feeling, you made some markups, you saved your work, then went back and found you couldn’t edit the markups you’d made! We’re sorry about that, it was frustrating and annoying, but not any more ... we fixed it! Edit or delete your markups as much as you like – until you submit them, that is. Once you submit them, they’ll be locked down, the way they should be.

Instance Release Dates

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:

AU1 – April 30

UK1 – May 8

HK1 – May 10

CN1 – May 11

Aldar, MEA, KSA1 – May 12

US1 – May 14