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Release 17.5.0

Check out improvements to the viewer and new BIM mobile tools.


Workflows and the new viewer get a range of enhancements this month, including a more responsive interface for different screen sizes and a great new zoom tool. Field delivers the ability to comment on issue status, and BIM Mobile has a new sectioning tool which makes work on site easier than ever.


Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. We also stagger the core release dates across the instances.

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:

AU1 – May 28     UK1 – June 5

Aldar, MEA,        HK1 – June 7
KSA1 – June 9

CN1 – June 8       US1 – June 9






Organization Registration form


Bug Fixes


New viewer rolling out to more projects

The new online viewer and markup tool will be rolled out to many more projects in the coming weeks. Most projects that have no historical data from the old viewer will get new viewer by the end of May.

Viewer gets more screen-size responsiveness

The viewer is just that little bit more flexible – we’ve improved its responsiveness for different screen sizes. (This feature will arrive during the release cycle, not at the core release dates.)

Zoom zoom in the viewer

The zoom tool in the viewer is easier and better to use now. You can get right into the details with a marquee zoom (click and draw a square around the area you want to focus on). (This feature will arrive during the release cycle, not at the core release dates.)

Intercom feedback tool no longer in operation

You won’t see the Intercom feedback tool on the Document Review page anymore. If you have a question or feedback you can send them through the normal channels.

Pan tool automatically activated after a markup is added

When you complete a markup you’ll see that the cursor now reverts to the pan/move tool. This mimics other PDF software so it will be a familiar experience across the board. (This feature will arrive during the release cycle, not at the core release dates.)


Add comments to an issue’s status

As promised in last month’s release notes, you can now not only add comments to issues but also add them to an issue’s status. It means all discussion around an issue can be recorded with the issue, making sure everyone knows what is going on. You can even do it when you're offline! (This feature will arrive during the release cycle, not at the core release dates.)

No more tpyos typos!

Field inspectors can relax a little when it comes to mistyping issues on mobile - autocorrect is enabled and ready to turn your “teh” into “the”.


Alerting users if documents are missing Autovue markups

If a document's Autovue markups fail to convert successfully, you’ll see notice of it in the following circumstances:

Document Register – If you’re downloading a single file from the document register, you’ll get a message telling you that markups are unavailable. You can continue to see the original file or cancel.

Document Register, Transmittals and Tenders – If you’re downloading multiple files using "Zip download with markups", all will function as usual, but in the downloaded Zip file you’ll find a CSV file with details of the documents that failed to convert markups.

BIM Mobile

Introducing model sectioning on mobile

When you’re on site and need to focus on just one space in your BIM model, you can use sectioning. With up to six planes at your disposal, it’s easy to isolate an area and quickly navigate to a location inside a model.

Organization Registration form

New organization registration form goes fully live

Last month we trialed a new organization registration form in Australia. It went so well, we’re making it global! The new form is fast and easy to complete (it really is, we’ve got the statistics to prove it!) and will help get your partner organizations on to projects quick as a flash.


Process Insights

Export to excel on the mail based process reporting (Preview)

You can quickly export data for your RFI processes with the new Export button.

BIM Mobile

View documents added as model stacks on mobile devices.

Projects on the limited release Document Register Integration program can now view documents added as model stacks on mobile devices.

Bug Fixes


If no closing date had been set, the edit button for draft tender responses would be disabled. That’s fixed and you can now edit your drafts at will.


We fixed a bug that prevented you from opening attachments in a draft mail.


We’ve temporarily removed the ability to consolidate when replacement files are used. Using Replacement Files in a parallel review was causing the file to sometimes lose markups when consolidating.