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Release 17.6.0

Check out improvements to the viewer and new BIM mobile tools.


Field goes from strength to strength with another big release – the ability to log on to Aconex and open Field to start work (without logging in again) is just one of the highlights. The document viewer gets another round of enhancements as well.

Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. We also stagger the core release dates across the instances.

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:

• AU1 – June 25     • UK1 – July 3

• Aldar, MEA,         • HK1 – July 5
   KSA1 – July 7

• CN1 – July 6         • US1 – July 9




Bug Fixes


Choose whether to include comments with your issues PDF export

When you export a PDF of issues from either Field mobile or from your desktop, you can choose whether or not to include comments in the export.

Log into Aconex for seamless access to Field

Once you’ve logged into Aconex, you’ll be able to open Field and get working without any additional logging in required.

All project members from the same organization can view issues & checklists

Anyone from your organization will be able to view all project issues and checklists that belong to your organization.

Other organizations on a project will also be given an observer role in Field by default – but they will only see issues and checklists sitting with their organization. (In effect, this means some organizations might not see any issues or checklists at all.)

Upload photos to Field from your desktop

You can use Aconex Field on your desktop to upload images to your project. You can also preview before you finalize the upload.


A shout-out to the improved callout tool

Our callout tool was a little confusing to use, so we went back to the drawing board. It’s better now: just draw a line from the place on the page you want to call out, and when you take your finger off the mouse button, a text box will appear ready for your comments.

Grouped tools in the new viewer

We’ve streamlined the toolbar, grouping tools that belong together (like text formatting tools) to neaten things up a little. When you click on the grouping, it rolls out to reveal additional tools in that category.

Bug Fixes


We fixed a problem that caused files containing digital signatures to not open in the viewer.


We fixed an issue caused by the release of Internet Explorer 11.0.43, which stopped you successfully printing Aconex mail (it printed an error page instead).

If you had set up a mail rule that specified just one mail type could be used to reply to a particular mail type (as opposed to offering a selection of reply mail types), a bug caused the reply mail form to not display correctly.

Organization Administration

Not so much a bug as a not-ideal feature … on the Assign User Roles section in Settings, there was a trash can icon which in some cases might have seemed like a good option for removing a user – but what it actually did was remove the role! No one wanted to do that there, so we removed the trash can icon. You can still delete an actual role if you need to, but you'll do that from the Configure User Role Settings area.