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Release 17.9.0

Get your Insights now, right in the Tasks page!


Keep your eye on how your project processes are tracking with an Insights dashboard right in your Tasks page! Models now integrates with the Document Register and Field offers a new Issues table view. It's a bumper release when you think about it!

Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. We also stagger the core release dates across the instances.

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:

• AU1 – September 17         • UK1 – September 25

• Aldar, MEA,                        • HK1 – September 27
  KSA1 – September 29

• CN1 – September 28         • US1 – October 1







Bug Fixes



Upload documents from Box

You can now upload files directly from your Box account into Aconex without having to download the files to your computer first.

Models (BIM)*

Integration between the document register and Models

You can upload your model files directly into the Document Register now, and from there add them as model stacks in Models. It means you can coordinate on a single model file right across Aconex (Mail, Workflows, Packages). No more having to add files into Models and then into the register as well when you wanted to use other tools like transmittals and Mail!

*Don’t forget, BIM is now known as Models.


Introducing the Issues table view

We're introducing to all users (some of you may already have seen this feature) a table view of all your issues in Field. Just click on the table view icon, you'll see a list of every issue in a table, and you can edit them directly there, quick and easy.


Insights reporting dashboard comes to the Tasks page

We’re replacing the old dashboards from Tasks menu with the new Insights interface at the top of your tasks page. It‘s even easier to keep your project on track! You can drill into whatever catches your eye in just two clicks. Insights mail-based process reports show you exactly how your processes are performing. For example, you can quickly see what is happening with your RFIs and find out who or what is holding them up. (As a part of the introduction of Insights on the Tasks page, the old Dashboard button will disappear from the Tasks menu in October 2017.)


Parallel Review Markups Import

Parallel reviewers of a document will have the option to import markups submitted by other parallel reviewers. This means you can get more context for your review based on another parallel reviewer's comments and markups. It also means you can avoid doubling up comments, and a nice bonus in not putting too many markups in the one place in a document - which can make the final consolidated file a little messy and difficult to use.

Bug Fixes

Document Viewer

  • A bug was causing stamps to be stripped out from digitally signed files when downloaded from the new viewer. Now your stamps will stay put!
  • We fixed a problem for users of Internet Explorer 11 that jammed text markups together so tightly that they couldn't be read.

Mail, Documents, Tenders

We fixed an issue with the Calendar Date picker that stopped you selecting a different month if you had your language set to Russian.