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Release 18.1.0

Get the right information on time with mandatory response due dates now available across all mail types.


Need to make sure you get a response on time? Now you can make the due date for a response mandatory across all Mail types. Uploading documents just got easier with access to Box and Dropbox services now enabled by default. Org admins can also configure access to these services from within Aconex. Grid lines in the Model Viewer make it easier to find a specific area in the model and you can now export to Excel from the Package Register.

Read on for more detail on these new product features and improvements we’ll be rolling out this month in Aconex.

Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. We also stagger the core release dates across the instances.

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:
AU1February 11 |US2February 15
UK1 February 12|ALDARFebruary 16
HK1 February 14|MEAFebruary 16
AU2February 14|KSAFebruary 16
CN1February 15 |US1February  18


Project Managers try to make sure that queries are responded to in a timely fashion. In Aconex this is done by indicating that a due date for a response is mandatory, but this was only available for the RFI mail type. As of this release we’re now enabling that same level of control across all the different mail types. 

Please note that the configuration location has been updated and now lives within Project settings > Mail Types > [select mail type] > Edit Mail forms.

Bug Fix

Users who have been removed from a project will no longer receive an “Overdue Notification”. However this information will continue to appear in the “Requester Overdue” notification report, as a reminder to reallocate the query to another member of the project team.


For Organization Administrators, Box and Dropbox services will now be enabled for uploading documents by default. Org Admins can also grant or deny access to these secured assets by configuring their user role settings. If you’re an Organization Administrator and want to manage user roles for your organization read this.

The Box and Dropbox services are listed under Setup > Configure User Role Settings > Organization > Documents > Third Party Service.

By granting access, users will be able to upload documents from Box and Dropbox and they can read about how to do that here.


You can now export to Excel from the Package Register.  This makes it easier to report on your Package Register, build statistics in Excel and add new information to your reports over time. Creating a report is easy: first configure the table by adding and removing columns, apply any filters, then click 'Export to Excel'.

The export contains:

  • Visible columns, which are configured in the add/remove columns pop-up
  • Filtered results 
  • Data from all pages

Keep in mind the export won’t contain the actual documents or mail inside of the packages and the file is downloaded to your local drive and not Temporary files, which is where other exports from Aconex are usually exported.

export to excel from the package register

Bug Fixes:

  • When switching between different Package versions, they now display the correct content of the Properties and Documents tab.
  • Document filtering won’t reset if you enter new search parameter.
  • If you double click the Save button it no longer causes the Package to be created twice.
  • And lastly, we’ve fixed an issue that was causing messages to be formatted into a single line in the Package Transmittal when sending a package.


From this release Grid Lines will now appear by default in the Model Viewer. Grid lines align to the structural components of the site model and act as the navigation system for the project. They make it easier to find a specific area in the model and provide consistency across the project. If required, these can be easily turned off in Model Viewer preferences.  

grids in the model viewer


If a Document Number contains special characters in a certain pattern, the viewer was unable to display the Workflow Steps panel. This was not caused by the special characters (such as "." "-" or "_") themselves, but the pattern in which they were used to create the Document Number.

We’ve released a fix that will allow you to mark-up and proceed with the current review step. However, review step details (previous and upcoming steps) that are typically visible in the right hand panel will not be visible. So while we work on a fix for that, you’ll still be able to keep your review on track.

  • When Workflow steps numbered 50 or more, users were seeing a "Network Disconnect" error. We have fixed this issue and up a total of 70 workflow steps are now supported.
  • Opening large and complex files, or documents with a large number of markups in the Viewer, won’t result in any delay to the mark-up tools appearing.
  • And finally, we’ve fixed an issue with the Free Text tool in the viewer, you’ll only have to drag once for the text box to get drawn.