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Release 18.10.0

Release 18.10.0 gives you new features and improvements that make using Aconex easier.

Release 18.10 brings a number of features designed to make working with Aconex quicker and easier. For example in Packages you can re-name files directly on-screen. In Cost you edit contracts using the new Proceed status.

AU1October 28US2October 25
UK1 October 29ALDAROctober 26
HK1 October 31MEAOctober 26
AU2October 31KSAOctober 26
CN1October 25US1October 28



  • As of this release you can upload and supersede single files using external services such as Dropbox and Box, if your organization supports this.
  • Org admins can allow users the option of using Dropbox and Box to upload and supersede files. See the Support Central article on how to enable this.
  • The following services and functions are no longer being offered as part of Aconex:
    • Providing and Installing Sitecam hardware (the actual cams)
    • Setting those up to integrate into Aconex
    • Hosting of the uploaded Images
    • A Sitecam viewer function in Aconex used to view images over a period of time
    • A service we historically provided to download all the images and provide a time-lapse video.


Renaming files

Fed up with downloading files to rename them and then having to re-upload them into Aconex? Now you don't have to. Instead, you can re-name them directly in the File Name column in the Attachments screen.


Several bugs have been fixed in a variety of areas within Packages, such as Searching and the Event Log. You'll also see an error message if you exceed the package transmittal limit or if you try to send a package to an archived or disabled user.



  • Direct Actuals – an issue causing Accruals to reverse out as Actuals at period close has been resolved and Accrual reversal records have been migrated to the accruals column.

Integrated Change Management

  • Change impact review – the Create Contract Change window now populates with the default values of related contract changes and the mail being attached.


  • Contract Validation - If you want to edit a Contract that has existing Payment Applications and Contract Changes, you can do so by putting the Contract into the Proceed status. Previously allowing the Contract to be modified to Pending status created unexpected issues where the commitment amount was reduced to a value without consideration of existing Contract Changes and Payment Applications.
  • Contract Changes - When making contract changes to timing, you can show how this will affect the original schedule using the Days Requested and Days Accepted fields. You add these at item level and can see them on the Details screen.


You can now upload IFC 4 models to your project. This includes versions IFC 4, IFC 4 Addendum 1 and IFC 4 Addendum 2.

Note - there were no Release Notes for 18.9.0, as that update addressed internal functionality only.