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Release 18.11.0

Release 18.11.0 gives you new features and improvements that make using Aconex easier.

This release has several updates that’ll make working with Packages and Cost easier, as well as several bug fixes. For example, Package Admin rights can be given to users, which is handy if your admin is no longer part of your organization. In Cost, the Accruals functionality has been simplified allowing you to choose between manual and automatic calculations for accrual or incurred costs.

We’re also announcing some major changes in the way projects work within Models. Essentially, Models now comes in two parts: Model Explore and Model Coordination. Explore is the standard version of Models, while Coordination includes advanced functionality such as measurements and viewpoints.

HK1 28/11


Aconex is introducing two versions of Models from Monday, 3rd December: Model Explore and Model Coordination. Explore is the standard version of Models, while Coordination includes advanced functionality such as measurements and viewpoints.

From this release, your projects will automatically use one or the other, depending on the Models features currently used. So projects will either have access to Model Explore or Model Coordination (shown as Explore + on the drop-down menu). 

Model Explore will contain all features required to view, federate, navigate, section and share models integrated with the Document Register directly within the main Aconex platform. The main change is Model Explore won’t contain features to raise processes from models, create new viewpoints, measure, use comments or linked documents to objects.

Model Coordination will contain all current Model features. If a project is raising processes, creating viewpoints, comments and linking documents to objects, it will continue to have access to those features through Model Coordination. 

For more information see Model Explore and Model Coordination in Support Central.

The two menus and options for Models.


Accruals functionality

The Accruals function has been simplified by reducing the previous five options to a single On/Off setting. You can choose manual mode, where no automatic accrual or incurred costs are calculated, or enable the system-calculated setting. This is where multiple system direct actual rows will be calculated.

The Actuals Create a system accruals message.
New Accrual Option in Project Settings

A bug with Accrual Reversals where the reversal was being recorded in the Actual column instead of the Accrued column has been fixed.

Comments Tab

The layout of the comments tabs in each Cost grid have been improved.


Package Administrator

Have you ever experienced that awkward moment where you wanted to reopen a closed package, but then found out your lone Package Admin had moved on? Well, this is no longer a problem as you can now give users the same Package Administrator rights the original Admin had. For example, they can edit a package, or re-open a closed package without being an actual collaborator on the package.

This is not enabled by default, but it is enabled by request to the provisioning team. Once it is enabled it can be granted to a user role, which you do on the Organization tab in Setup/Configure User Role Settings.

Editing Package Number

As a Package Admin, you can edit several package properties, including the Package Number. When you edit the Package Number, a new version of the package is created. Previous package versions keep the old Package Number.

Deleting Package Types

Ever created a Package Type and then never used it? Wouldn't it be great if you could delete it and keep the Create Package Type list nice and tidy? Well now you can by using the Bin icon that appears to the right of the type in the Status column.

The Create Package Type List Delete Icon.
Working with Mail

As well as linking mail to a package from the Sent folder in Mail, you can also link mail to packages from the Inbox folder as well. Linked mail can also be removed along with any mail created within a package.

Inbox, Sent and Draft tabs are now available in Packages. Like the tabs you’re used to in the Mail module, these make it easier to manage mail in Packages.

Bug fixes

There are several bug fixes in this release, including the following:

  • Package transmittals no longer fail when creating a review for a package sent to different organizations.
  • Users will no longer be logged out when trying to view Packages documents in the Document register.
  • You can no longer add duplicated documents with the same revision when editing a package.


Bug fixes

We fixed a bug that was causing dates added to a previous document to reappear in the next document you uploaded.