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Release 18.3.0

Edit your issue's location in the desktop version of Field and in Mail you can now "Link to Packages".


This month we’ve made it easier to upload files into Documents from your computer and Dropbox. You can also now edit your issue's location in the desktop version of Field and in Mail you can now "Link to Packages.

Read on for more detail on these new product features and improvements we’ll be rolling out this month in Aconex.

Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. We also stagger the core release dates across the instances.

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:
AU1April 8|US2April 12
UK1 April 9|ALDARApril 13
HK1 April 11|MEAApril 13
AU2April 11|KSAApril 13
CN1April 12|US1April 15


We've made a couple of updates to how things look when you're uploading and superseding files. 

Screen capture of the upload file interface

We've added a dropdown menu, that makes it a bit easier to select from files on your computer or Dropbox. Likewise, you can now choose from your computer or Dropbox in the Supersede file selector using the handy dropdown menu. 

Screen capture of the supersede file interface


On the desktop version of Field you can now edit the location of an issue in either the list or grid view. This is handy if you've selected something incorrectly out on site and need to update it later.  

For information, take a look at the Support Central page. 

  • We’ve also added a couple of enhancements to Issue's photo layout, now you can zoom in/out.
  • Field Project Administrators can now add up to 50 issue types.


If you're a Package administrator and you've sent a mail from a package but forgotten to actually transmit the package itself, this can cause all sorts of confusion for your recipient. From now on, we will always show a reference to the package in the mail, even if it hasn't been transmitted. As soon as the recipient gets access to the package (via your package transmittal), the link will be active. We'll include a message to your recipient explaining this in the mail item as well.

In many cases projects have been running Aconex long before they started using the Packages module. This means that there could be “old” mail sent via the Mail module that Administrators or Editors want to associate with newly created packages. This month we’re rolling out the ability to do so:

  • You’ll find this new functionality in the 'Tools' menu of the Mail Module, called "Link to Packages".
  • Keep in mind that this button will only appear in the 'Sent' folder, which means that mails from the 'Inbox' folder cannot be linked (remember this is intended for old mails).  But If you do need to link a mail from the 'Inbox' we suggest sending the mail from your inbox to yourself, so that it appears in your 'Sent' folder.
  • After you select the mail in your sent items and click on "Link to packages", a pre-filtered Package Register will be shown. It displays packages where you are a Package Administrator or Editor (keep in mind the package type also needs to have “mail creation” enabled).
  • You’ll be able to filter by Package Number, Title and Type. Once you click on "Link to packages", a reference to the package will appear in the mail and the mail will appear in the appropriate package.
  • Lastly, until we have an audit trail for Packages, it will not be possible to "remove" links.

Here’s a round up of the Bug Fixes we addressed this month: 

  • Using identical names for different Project Fields was causing the Package Register not to display all columns properly. We’ve fixed this issue. 
  • We also fixed an issue with keyboard navigation when selecting recipients for sending a package.
  • French apostrophes are now being displayed correctly.
  • Buttons for 'Export to Excel' and 'Add/Remove Columns' are now fixed when scrolling horizontally.
  • The horizontal scroll bar in Package Edit mode is no longer moving the toolbar above the table.
  • The sorting arrow icon in Package Documents is now properly aligned with the first line of the table title.


You may recall over the last few months there's been a bug causing markups created in the viewer to not appear on the PDF file properly. The markups were on our server, they just weren't appearing on the PDF, which was confusing. The great news is we've finally fixed this issue and your markups will now appear as they should.