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Release 18.5.0

Working with Saved Searches in Packages, and Event Logs for tracking them. Cost functionality in several key areas has been overhauled and updated.


Release 18.5.0

Cost and Packages are the main areas of change for Aconex this month. The latter includes features such as working with Saved Searches, Event Logs for tracking packages, and the ability to see - at a glance - how many documents are included in a package. Cost functionality in several areas such as Contract Changes (Variation) and Payment Applications ( Progress Claims) have been overhauled.

Integrated Change Management is now available to all clients and includes a new grid, and Change Impact Review and the Shared Cost Workspace have also been improved. Aside from this, Global login and logging in after a session expires have been improved to make both processes easier and a better experience.

Note that items mentioned here may be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. We also stagger the core release dates across the instances.

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:
AU1July 1|US2June 28
UK1 July 2|ALDARJune 29
HK1 June 27|MEAJune 29
AU2June 27|KSAJune 29
CN1June 28|US1July 1


You can now capture signatures on checklists when using the Inspection module. The signatory needs to provide their first and last name and then can add their signature. Aconex records the date and time they signed the inspection. The signature details are also recorded in the excel and PDF exports.

To use this new feature, add the signature response type to your inspection template. To capture multiple signatures, simply add multiple signature responses to the checklist template.


As of this release Project Admins can give users permission to use 'Share saved searches' and 'Edit/delete shared saved searches' after they've created a saved search in Packages. You can do this in the User Role Settings.

You can now use your keyboard's up and down arrows to navigate the list of names when adding new users. When you enter two characters in the 'Add user' field on the 'Administrators and Editors' and 'Distribution List' tabs, an automatically populated list appears. In the past you could only navigate this using your mouse.

Previously if you used the Back button to return to a Package review screen, you'd find yourself back in the Package Register. In future you'll go back to the page you came from.

The Event log allows you to see what has happened to a package and the time it happened. You can access this data on the 'Event log' tab in 'Package Details'. This currently displays up to ten event types such as when and by whom a package was created, edited and closed.

Seeing how many documents a Package has used to be a time-consuming and laborious task that involved trawling through 100s if not 1000s of packages. But by adding the new Documents column to your Package Register, using Add/Remove Columns, you will be able to see this number at a glance. If a Package has confidential documents attached, and you do not have permission to see them, these are not included in the total. If you do have permission, then these are included in the total number of attachments.

You can now sort the Package Register using the Number and Title columns. By default this will be by Package Number and will persist until your current session ends.


There’s been an enormous amount of improvements and updates to Cost this month, let’s get into them shall we? 

Cost Worksheet

Proceed Contracts and Contract Changes (Variations) are now included as part of the Current Contract and Commitments values. Previously they were in the Pending Contract and Commitments values. This revised calculation automatically applies to all registers, reports and on-screen interfaces.

New summary actuals columns have been added to the Cost Worksheet: All Actuals Current Period, All Actuals Previous Periods and Direct Actuals Previous Periods.


Users don’t have to rely on the upstream company to set up an upstream contract. If they want to work non-collaboratively, they can set up and manage upstream contracts along with contract changes (variations) and payment applications (progress claims)

We’ve made some significant improvements to workflow, collaboration and version control for Contract Changes (Variations). The new “Drafts” feature allows edits and changes “offline”, without impacting the rest of the system or the shared contract change. Users are also now able to attach files to and view historical copies of Contract Changes.

Payment Applications (progress claims)

This update also supports and sees improvements to Payment Applications ( Progress Claims), working towards planned functionality including overbilling rules and “ask for anything” during the Payment Application process.

We also continue to improve integration with Aconex Mail. The Integrated Change Management feature is now available to all clients and includes a new grid called Change Impact Review. The Change Impact Review page is populated with mails from the Aconex Mail module. These can be previewed in a new window, reviewed, used to create Change Events, or marked as having no change impact.

Bug Fixes

The Cost Team resolved an issue with contract pay items (schedule of values) duplicating and sharing connected contracts. We also added tags as columns to more grids, enhanced the Shared Cost Workspace feature, made more progress on accessibility improvements and fixed a few bugs.

Project Admin

If document attributes values were deleted and recreated with the exact same spelling but with different casing, for example, changing lower case "electrical" to upper case "Electrical", then the Access Control Rules would not always be respected when viewing documents from Transmittals. You would be able to see documents with the old lower case "electrical" attribute value as they would be excluded from the rule. With the fix, all documents with the attribute  - regardless of case - will be included in the Access Control Rule.

Aconex for Outlook

Response Required can now be set for all Mail Types in Aconex Outlook. Previously it was only available for RFIs.

Bug fixes

Previously there was a problem with user names using apostrophes when registering mail through Aconex Outlook which was causing a registration error. This has been resolved and you can now use names with apostrophes.

Under certain circumstances users were being forced to login when registering a mail via Aconex Outlook. This issue has now been fixed.