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Release 18.6.0

Single Sign On (SSO) projects can now be accessed through Global Login.


Release 18.6 has a multitude of timesaving improvements: Further improvements to the Event log feature make it even easier to see what’s changed and when in Packages. It’s now easier to understand the impacts of mail-based activities in Cost. Admins can now add the Parallel Markups Import feature themselves in Workflows and Single Sign On (SSO) projects can now be accessed through Global Login.  

Note that items mentioned here may be released during the release cycle.

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:
AU1July 15|US2July 12
UK1 July 16|ALDARJuly 13
HK1 July 11|MEAJuly 13
AU2July 11|KSAJuly 13
CN1July 12|US1July 15


Oracle’s Aconex is now part of Oracle’s Construction and Engineering product suite after the acquisition was completed on March 29, 2018. From this month you’ll start to see that reflected in the app, starting with the new Oracle Aconex branding. The same high-quality support will be available to all users through Support Central, our online support site, and our 24/7 Service Desk. We will continue to keep customers and users informed of news and feature updates, as well as programs and training to inspire best use of Aconex.

The new Oracle Aconex logo

Logging in

If you’re using Aconex and get distracted or leave your desk, after a period of time your Aconex session will time-out. In the past when a session timed-out, it wasn’t until you clicked back into the interface that you were redirected to the login screen. Now you’ll be directed to the login screen immediately, saving you time and securing your data.


We have another great time saver for you this month. Now you’ll be able to download reports directly from the notification email rather than having to login to Aconex, find the report and then download. Sometimes it’s the little things like this that make a big difference to your day. 


Users who log into Aconex using Single Sign On (SSO) can now use Global Login to access all their projects from one location, regardless of the instance they're on. As an added benefit, users can log in to their Global Login account using their company's network credentials, making it much easier to remember login details. 

All you need is a Global Login account and an SSO-enabled Aconex account, read this Support Central article to learn on how to get started


With our previous release (18.5), we introduced the Event Log for Packages, which you’ll find in the Package details screen. We included the following events:

  • Package Created
  • Package Edited
  • Package Closed
  • Package Reopened
  • Editor Added (user - org)
  • Editor Removed (user - org)
  • Admin Added (user - org)
  • Admin Removed (user - org)
  • User Added to a Distribution list (user - org)
  • User Removed from a Distribution list (user - org)

In this release the Event Log feature in Packages allows you to see what has changed across different versions of a package and when those changes have occurred (known as the Package Edited “event”). This includes details on which documents have been added, removed or updated to the current version, as well as all the package properties which have changed from one version to another (this includes the Package Core Fields, as well as the Project Fields).

Another handy feature is the Packages Progress Bar. This displays the open and closed packages for the current project. No need to apply filters first - on entering the Packages module you’ll immediately see how far the project has come.

Packages progress bar window

The Attachments feature will help you easily drag and drop non-controlled files, like delivery dockets or site photographs, to your Package without having to register those files through the Document Register. It will be displayed as a new tab in the package.

You'll also be able to decide whether attachments can be uploaded by enabling/disabling attachments per Package Type. Only Package Administrators and Editors will be allowed to upload new files. The uploaded files can easily be downloaded by clicking on the file name, as well as deleted by clicking the delete icon. Attachments will not be part of Package Transmittals, i.e. attachments will only be visible to your organization.

Keep in mind the Mail tab in Packages needs to be enabled on the Package Type Settings. If you don’t enable this you will not be able to see the Mail tab in your Packages and you won't be able to send mails from the Package.

We have implemented the same behavior for Attachments, so you'll need to go into the Package Type Settings and enable it there as well.


The menu label View > Models is changing from Select > Explore.

Note, this change will not occur in the AU2 and ALDAR instances.

Select, Explore drop down menu.


Aconex Mail with Cost Impacts

You may have asked yourself, “Does an Aconex mail have a cost impact?”  Well now you’ll be able to actually see if there’s a cost impact right from the mail itself. You can also establish relationships to existing change events and filter to review for cost impacts by mail type.

Cost Worksheet
Additional columns have been added to the cost worksheet! These support month end reconciliation processes by showing current and previous periods. They’ll also allow users to have proceed contracts and contract changes inside both Current and Pending Commitments.

Contract Changes (Variations)
Contract changes are continuing to improve. Users will now be able to update the tags and other internal fields in the register and take advantage of more items being tracked in the version history of the contract changes.

Payment Applications ( Progress Claims)
Minor updates to Payment Applications are being made on a continued basis aligning their business functionality with contract changes (variations).

The Cost team has been updating the API (Application Programming Interface) to make the initial setup of the cost worksheet for new projects easier. API documentation regarding required fields and data types is also being updated.


We’re adding the ability for Admins to control the availability of the Parallel Markups Import feature. To enable this feature in the past you’d need to contact the product group and get them to make the change for you. Keep in mind, the feature will be disabled by default to protect your information. However, if your project has the feature already enabled, you will continue to have it available

The preference will be visible in the Preference page > Project tab > Project-wide settings tab.

For additional information about the Parallel Markups Import feature visit the Support Central page.

Bug fixes

  • An internal server error for the Export to Excel.
  • Package Register is no longer showing the wrong column header after adding, removing or rearranging the columns. Also Project Fields no longer go blank when editing the package.
  • Adding documents to a Package no longer causes a “maximum package size error”.