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Release 18.8.0

New and improved functionality in Cost and Packages, as well as on-going Oracle and Aconex branding updates

Release 18.8.0 delivers new features and improvements that make using Aconex easier, and finding/viewing information simpler.

AU1September 30US2September 27
UK1 October 01ALDARSeptember 28
HK1 October 03MEASeptember 28
AU2September 26KSASeptember 28
CN1September 27US1September 30


As of this release, Aconex’s branding and colors will change. See below for an example. While this will happen immediately for Aconex, bear in mind that the graphics used in Support Central articles will change on an on-going basis.

An example of the new Oracle Aconex brand coloring.


In the Documents Upload and Supersede screens have changed so that the contents are shown in a single column, rather than two. This follows design best-practice, and makes it easier for you to scan information. Note that these changes are cosmetic and not functional. So you can carry on using the screens as you would normally do.

An example of the Single Column layout used when uploading and superseding documents .


Editing collaborators in bulk

Fed up adding and editing users, collaborators and Distribution Lists manually, one at a time? Well now you can quickly and easily add multiple new users to packages, edit the existing list of collaborators, and edit the Distribution List. This means you don't have to go into each package to edit the collaborators or the Distribution List. Furthermore, when adding users as collaborators, they are automatically added to the Distribution List.

Who can add and edit users to packages depends on the role type they have. These are Administrator, Editor and Mixed. The latter means that you might not be a collaborator for all files in a group of selected packages, or that your access level is different. I.e. on one of the packages you might be an administrator, while on others you might only be an editor. These role types also affect the edit permissions you have.

For distribution lists there are two statuses: On the list and Mixed. On the list means that you are on the distribution list of all of the selected packages. Mixed means that you are on some of the selected packages, but not on others.

The edit administrators and editors screen.
Downloading and deleting attachments in bulk

You can now save time and effort when deleting or downloading attached files by doing so in bulk. Just open the Attachments page and select all the ones you want to remove or download, then select Download or Delete. Job done!

The Download and Delete Attachments options.
Fixes and improvements
  • You can now save searches in the Package Register that are only visible to you, even if there is already a shared saved search with the same name in your Organization's or Project's Searches.
  • The new search bar on the Saved Searches list now makes finding the right search even easier. 
  • When linking Mail to Packages, the Packages table is already filtered to only show packages that are open. 
  • The Create New Package button is now called New Package.


We’ve improved the performance for the Variance Analysis page and other Cost features that are affected by Time Phased Data.

Advanced Change Management

We’ve been working on new features that integrate Cost more closely with Mail:

Mail users can create new Change Events directly from the Mail screen. This is in addition to the existing ability to link mails to existing change events.

If you’re a Change impact review user you can now attach Mails to existing contract change drafts and versions, as well as create new contract changes on the fly.  


Do you need to see variance between the current contract amount and the forecast amount? If so you can do so using the additional calculated columns to Contracts and Contract Pay Items. Use these to identify potential risk areas more easily.

There are also improvements to history tracking for Contract Changes (Variations) and Payment Applications ( Progress Claims). Hyperlinks and tags have been added to the History screen, and there is more detail on the View History screen. Additionally, there’s now the ability to link Mail and Documents to Payment Applications. These are only visible to their organization.