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Release 19.1.0

Release 19.1.0 gives you new features and improvements that make using Aconex easier.

This release has several updates that’ll make working with Cost, Packages and Mail easier. For example: 

  • You can now add dynamic stamps to the viewer, this give you greater control over the stamps you use and their content.
  • In Packages you can download all or some of the contents of packages.
  • In Cost you can both share comments as well as group related comments into one thread.
  • Mail now supports the copying of General Mail Rules when copying a project.
  • For those more technically inclined, there have been changes to the external API regarding email addresses and user IDs.
  • The release also includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements.
The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:
UK1 20/01
HK1 23/01


Previews have now been enabled for ALL projects on UK1.

Viewer – Dynamic stamps

Dynamic stamps allow users who are reviewing documents using Aconex workflows to “stamp” their review outcome directly onto the document in the online viewer. This is a free tool that requires no set up other than adding optional boilerplate text. Org admins can create stamps for their organization to suit their review processes that include images, disclaimer text and dynamic fields. The latter are populated using Aconex system data such as user, document type and workflow. Once added, stamps can be removed, moved and re-sized.

Stamping review outcomes on documents means the review result can be seen on the document even if the doc is viewed outside of Aconex. For example, if it is printed to paper or viewed in another system. However, once a document has been submitted, a dynamic stamp cannot be removed except by a Lead Reviewer. This means everybody involved in the review process has more certainty of the status of a document they’re viewing, even if they are not Aconex users. E.g. somebody building from a hard copy drawing has more confidence that it is the properly approved revision because the stamp is embedded in the document.

There are three levels of Dynamic Stamp you can choose from:

  • Name and Date - this has the reviewer's name and organization.
  • Review Outcome - this has the reviewer's name, organization and outcome.
  • Review Outcome Extended - this has:
    • Organization logo, as defined by organization admin.
    • Reviewer's name and organization.
    • Review outcome.
    • Disclaimer, as set up by the organization admin for each project. This is set up in Setup/Configuration/Preferences/Project/Viewer.
The three Dynamic Stamps types.


Contract Change (Variation) PDF files

Ever wished you could download a PDF showing the details of change orders? Well, from this release all contract change users will be able to see details such as the upstream logo or org name and info (if logo is not available) and downstream org names and info, T&Cs, summary values and signature line in PDFs you can download.


Group by Type

Good news, if you've ever wanted to group comments to see all related ones in one thread, you can. In Cost, there are several grids that allow users to choose the type of comment they are creating.

For example, Contract Change users can choose a comment type of: General Comment, Reason for Change, Alternatives, Impact of Change or Schedule Impact. All you have to do is select the comment type to view them as a group.

Examples of comments that have been grouped.
Shared Comments – Contract Changes (Variations) and Payment Applications ( Progress Claims)

When users are collaborating on Contract Changes and Payment Applications, they may want to provide instructions or additional information about the action they are taking to the partner organization. This release offers the ability for users to add shared comments from within the confirmation windows when updating a record, and in draft versions once they have been shared.

An example of a comment for a contract change.

Bugs and Improvements

Payment Applications ( Progress Claims)

We've identified a memory issue with batch imports for Payment Applications (Progress Claims) that was causing some imports to fail.

To avoid this, we are temporarily advising users to limit files to 100 records for these import types. This will improve performance and mitigate potential system concerns. If you try to import a file with more than 100 records, the import will fail and you will see a import fail message. This may affect your processes while we continue to work to resolve the issue.

Sort Order for Tags in Grids

We've fixed an issue where the sort order in grids was not working for tags.

Integrated Change Management

Improvements continue for Cost's integration with Aconex Mail. Users marking their Aconex Mail as having a Cost impact, and managing the changes in Cost will now see layout improvements, improved error messages, fine tuning of permissions, and data validation.

Cost API Tuning
  • We've resolved issue where Tag data was not being returned when requesting info for a specific Contract.
  • We've also added categoryName to tag payload to simplify data extraction.


Exporting package contents

Let's say you want to export the contents of a package because, for example, you need to hand over proof of a project's completion to a client. You do this using More/Export in a package.

You can include documents, attachments and an Excel report covering the package properties, documents, mails and attachments.

The export package window.

Bugs and Improvements

  • It's now possible to use "Select All on This Page" and "Clear All" in the Package Register table.
  • Text fields have been enlarged for Internet Explorer when you're creating and/or editing packages.
  • All values for any document fields you select are now properly displayed in the "View updates" comparison window.


Copy Project has been enhanced to support the copying of General Mail Rules in the Mail module.

Supplier Documents

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to leave Supplier Docs to see if a Mail attachment has been reviewed or not? Well, you'll be glad to know that we've added a column called Review Status which shows where the attachment is in the current review process so everything you need to know is all in one place.

An example of a transmittal attachment showing the review status.