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Release 19.11.100

This month there's an update on the new Oracle Aconex Mobile app, and also news about when Field mobile is going to be retired.
  • The new Oracle Aconex Mobile app has even more functionality this month.

  • An update on Field mobile’s retirement. 

  • Adding Cost changes in Mail is now easier.

  • Improved clash detection in Models.

Some of the items mentioned here will be released during the 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. 

Please note: In the 19.11 Release Highlights email we announced these items would be released in November:

- Export mail in packages to a local folder, including attachments.
- Zoomed-in view of pin locations in exported drawings

These have been rescheduled for a future release.


You can be faster and more productive with the new Oracle Aconex Mobile app

We’re excited to announce that the new Oracle Aconex Mobile application is now available for Android and iOS.

Features include: 

  • A refreshed and more intuitive look and feel. 
  • Access drawings straight from the document register.
  • Use your drawings to navigate, capture and resolve issues.
  • All of the Field mobile functionality you’d expect.
  • PDF form inspections
An example of a PDF Form for an Inspection in the Oracle Aconex Mobile app.

Field Mobile

Aconex Field mobile to retire in 2020

The Field mobile app is retiring and will be removed from the app store at the end of January 2020.

However, if you've already got the original Field for mobile installed on your device it won’t be affected for now. After it’s been removed from the store, be aware that if you uninstall it, or need to access Field for mobile on a new device, you'll have to start using the new Oracle Aconex Mobile app.

You can use the new app alongside your existing Field for mobile app if you wish, and even swap between the two as needed as you get used to the new format. But please ensure you synchronize all data with the server before swapping between apps.

Three months after removal from the application store, Field for mobile will be disabled and will no longer work – you’ll need to use the Oracle Aconex Mobile app to complete Field for mobile tasks on your device.

We’ll send you a reminder closer to the time, but we recommend switching to the new application well beforehand.

You’ll find all the information you need right here on Support Central.


Reporting preliminary payment applications

We've the added ability to report on preliminary payment applications when you create the Payment Application Items report.

How it works:

  1. Create a Payment Application Items Report and add the Status column in the display options.
  2. Go to the Data section and select Include Preliminary.
  3. Verify the Contract Type, then save it to view the new report.

Note: Preliminary Payment Applications are only visible to the organization that created them.

Pay items - now with unique settings

You can now individually set pay items to draw down from Estimate to Complete (ETC). You can give each pay item a unique setting or match it to the parent setting. Before this release ETC Draw Down was set at the parent level and all items inherited that setting.

However, if you have existing data, the parent settings will populate to all items. You can modify these settings manually after you've added the ETC Draw Down column to the Pay Items sub-grid. Also, if you import items using the existing template, these will also use the parent settings.

Using non-unique Control Account Names

Control Account Name fields within the same tree no longer have to be unique. Which means that if you have two separate Control Accounts, with different codes under the same WBS, these can use the same information in the name fields.

Work faster with Cost changes in Mail

We’ve added options to the Mail Action menu to allow you to create new, or link to existing Change Events and Contract Changes. This avoids having to scroll down to the mail section - particularly useful if it’s a long mail - but you still have this option for when it suits.

The Actions menu options in View Mail.
Direct Actuals details now shown in accrual reversals

The following user-added details are now automatically added into accrual reversals at period close for Direct Actuals:

  • Equipment/Material
  • Employee
  • Vendor
  • Finance Code
  • Reference Code
  • Related tags.
The Direct Actuals columns on a Cost Worksheet.
Fixes and improvements
  • The issue stopping you from updating  Percent Complete and Percent Completed Method via an Activity import has been fixed.
  • The Executive Summary Report that required you to add Schedule AND Tag selections before it runs, now works as expected.
  • The post date shown on Accrual Reversals now uses your local date instead of the server date.
  • Payment Application validation now works correctly when using very small negative numbers.


Fixes and improvements

Copying Workflow templates to another project now retains its custom review sets

If you're a Project Admin, and you want to copy a Workflow template to another project, you'll know that Custom Review Sets were not being copied at the same time. This has now been fixed. So as long as you are a Project Admin for both projects, they'll copy across with the template as you'd expect. You can then assign them to project roles manually. When you do this, you can use the Review Sets on other templates as required.

However, if you are not the project owner on both projects, the Review Sets will only copy the system Standard Review Set. This is because only project owners have permission to create custom review sets on a project: copying a review set effectively creates it on the target project.


Viewing Navisworks clash metadata in Models Explore

From this release you'll be able to see clash metadata in the Issues screen that has been retrieved from an issue created in Navisworks. The metadata makes it easier to search for and in issues by:

  • Clash Level
  • Grid Intersection
  • Found
  • Distance
  • Clash Point
  • Clash Test Name. 
An example of an Issue's Clash Metadata.


Adding guest users to mail distribution rules

Before this release, you could only add full Aconex users to mail distribution rules. From this release you can create mail distribution rules that can use guest users' external email addresses. You can do this in  Project Settings/Mail Types/Mail Rules/Distribution Rules.

The Mail Types options in Project Settings.
The Distribution tab in Mail Types.
API updates

Note that the Mail API PDF has been updated with the latest changes.

  • Response Required field - The time frame setting for this can be configured via Aconex, see Setting up default response times for your mail. As part of API change, we have provided the default response required date used by mail types that are configured to use Response Required.
  • Save Mail to Draft - the existing APIs have been modified to support the Save to Draft functionality.
Fixes and improvements
  • Mail search results now display users who were selected from a user-select field in a mail, plus you can now also export the search results to Excel.
  • We've fixed a bug that caused issues for some IE11 users when entering Korean and Chinese text into a mail.


Related Items now available to all project organizations

We've made it possible for all project organizations to use Related Items in Documents. Previously, only the project-owning orgs could use it. This means that all organizations on a project can now use Related Items to manage the relationships that connect your Documents.

Related Items is also now enabled by default for new projects. In earlier releases these had to be enabled by the Aconex support team.

Enabling and disabling the Print Size field

Up to now, the Print Size feature has always been enabled across all projects. But as it's functionality that's only used with the print shop feature, we've given you the ability to disable it. This means it'll no longer be visible in areas such as the Document Register, the Upload/ Supersede screens and the Search screen.

Project Admins can remove the field by going to Setup/ Project Settings/Documents/Document Fields, and deselecting Print Size in the Use Field column.

Project Participant page

In Release 19.10 we made some changes to the Project Participant page, designed to make the project admin role easier. The changes included an improved process for inviting specific users, automated email notifications to invited users and the ability to remove users from projects without needing to contact the Aconex Service Desk. Following the release of these features we’ve become aware of some issues relating to the automated email notifications and the ability to invite users in bulk.

Based on feedback, we’ve decided to temporarily roll back all recent changes on the Project Participant page, to the previous version, while we work on further enhancing the features. We will reintroduce the changes once we have the full suite of features to release, and update Release Notes to give advance notice.

Release dates schedule

The release dates for this cycle are as follows. Note this information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.

HK 1: 11/12AU 2: 11/12CN 1: 12/12US 2: 12/12ALD: 13/12
KSA 1: 13/12MEA 1: 13/12US 1: 15/12AU 1: 15/12UK 1: 16/12