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Release 19.12.100 - Part 1

In Part 1 of the 19.12.100 release note, we've added updates and enhancements to Mail, the ability to view pin locations on PDFs exported from Field and some updated visibility settings in the Global Directory.

This month’s release updates have been split into two parts, read Part 2 here.

  • Hidden or visible in the Global Directory - now you can choose.
  • We've added some improvements to Mail that'll make your day to day activities easier.
  • Field for mobile retirement: transitioning to Oracle Aconex Mobile. You can read about this update in Part 2.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during the 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. 



Control the visibility of your details in the Global Directory

We are making a change to enable individual users to control the visibility of their details within the Aconex Global Directory. 

What you need to know

Users will be able to either show or hide their visibility. If users choose not to be listed in the Global Directory, other organizations cannot invite them onto new projects, however they will still be visible to members of your own organization in the directory.

New users

New users will be given the choice to be listed or hidden in the Global Directory when they activate their account for the first time.

Existing users

Existing users will remain on their current visibility settings within Global Directory, however can change this setting in their User Account screen. Organization Administrators should confirm the visibility preferences with its users, and also convey to them the ability to control the visibility of their details within the Aconex Global Directory.

New org registrations

The initial user created when an organization is registered will be visible by default, allowing organizations to be invited onto projects. This can be changed once more users have been created, however the onus of setting up the organization remains with the initial user.

Guest users

Guest users will always be visible, however the user who creates the guest is asked to confirm they have the right to publish their details within Global Directory.

The Global Directory options on the General tab.
Fixes and enhancements
  • We've made it easier to find and understand the Actions available to you in the List My Projects screen. These are now displayed in a list rather than a list of icons, and are accessed by rolling over each row.
The new Actions menu.
  • We made it easier to navigate the  Project Settings menu by changing the horizontal tabs to expandable vertical ones. We've also removed the Publish and Graphics tabs as these were both redundant.
The Project Settings window showing the expandable vertical tabs.
  • We've fixed a bug that changed a transmittal into a normal mail type. This was happening if you'd viewed the recipient's details before adding them.
  • We've made the process of copying projects easier. Let's say you have a project set up for apartment buildings which you'd like to use as a template for another project. Before this release, you had to invite Aconex support staff onto the project and transfer the project's ownership to them before the new project could be created. Now you can simply select Allow Oracle Aconex support staff to copy this project's configuration and call Oracle Aconex to get it copied. Remember that only configuration data gets copied: project data such as documents, mail and users is NOT copied, and can only be accessed via the original project.
  • We fixed a bug that allowed double quotes, which are not valid characters, to be added to Org names via the Edit Organization screen.


Configuring custom multi-select fields on mail forms


This feature is no longer available for RN 19.12. Please see future releases for more information on its availability.

Fixes and enhancements
  • API - We've updated the List Mail API so that developers can add an icon to a mail showing it has one or more attachments. 
  • Close out mail - if you've ever accidentally closed-out a mail and its corresponding thread by clicking the Close Out Mail, it can be a pain to undo. To help avoid any further confusion, we're changing this button to clearly say Mark as Closed-Out.  We've also changed the message in the confirmation window to make it clearer what happens if you select Mark as Closed-Out.
  • You can now filter and search on User project fields when these are included and populated in mails, see the highlighted area in the Mail Forms - Action Item graphic below for an example. These fields are usually set up by Project Admins in Setup/Project Settings/Mail Types. The examples below show the Responsible/User (multiple) field as set up in Setup/Project Settings. The second shows the same field in a mail.
The Mail Forms - Action Items window.
The Responsible field shown in a mail.


Oracle Aconex Field Mobile updates and retirement
The target date for Oracle Aconex Field Mobile to be removed from app stores is 30th April 2020

As reported in November's Release Notes, the target date for the Field Mobile app retirement is January. Although you can still use Field Mobile on existing projects, you should download and start using the Oracle Aconex Mobile app for all new projects.

The end of April 2020 is the target date for Field Mobile to be removed from the app store,  it will be disabled and will no longer work. This means you’ll have to use Oracle Aconex Mobile to complete any Field Mobile tasks on your device. See Support Central for more information on Oracle Aconex Mobile.

Transitioning from Field for mobile to Oracle Aconex Mobile

It's easy to transition to the new Oracle Aconex Mobile app: after this release you'll see a download link when you open the current Field Mobile app.You can also use the download link on the homepage. All other Field Mobile functionality remains the same. See also Transitioning from the Field App.

You can also start using the new app alongside Field Mobile, and even swap between the two as you get used to the new format. If you do this, make sure you synchronize all your data with the server before swapping between them.

Release dates schedule

The release dates for this cycle are as follows. Note this information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.

HK 1: 21/01AU 2: 15/01CN 1: 15/01US 2: 15/01ALD: 17/01
KSA 1: 10/01MEA 1: 10/01US 1: 18/01AU 1: 19/01UK 1: 20/01