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Release 19.12.100 - Part 2

In Part 2 of the 19.12.100 release note, you can find out about the updates and enhancements to Packages, using the ETC Draw Down setting in Cost, and exporting BCFzip files in Models.

This month’s release updates have been split into two parts, read Part 1 here.


Field - Issues

View an issue's pin location on an exported drawing

When exporting one or more Issues to PDF, you can now see a pin’s location on the drawing. To do this you have to select Location on the drawing in the Export Options window. When you do this, the exported PDF drawing shows:

  • The document number and title.
  • The drawing thumbnail with the issue location highlighted.
  • A zoomed-in view of the drawing with the issue pin, as highlighted in the graphics below.

How it works

  1. Select all the issues you want to export.
  2. In the Export Options window, select Location on drawing.
  3. Press Export.
  4. Note that the pin locations are automatically added to the drawing in the exported PDF for all issues - you don’t have to select all the pinned issues individually.
An example of an issue showing a pin.
The Export Options window showing Location on a drawing.


Exporting Mail from packages

You may know that you can download a package's documents and attachments to a local folder. Well, you can also now do this with Mail in packages. These are downloaded as PDF, and if they contain attachments, the mail's attachments are downloaded to a separate folder.

The Export Package options.


Fixes and enhancements

We noticed that Tag columns, as used in areas such as Control Accounts and Contracts, were intermittently disappearing from shared views. We've changed the way tags work with saved views so that this no longer happens.

Aconex Cost – Change Event Wizard Update

We’ve added a new Change Event Wizard to the Cost feature, which is designed to make it easier for you to define the basic details of a Change Event, including its related contracts.

Once you've completed the wizard, the Change Event appears in the grid, just as they do now. The wizard is also available when you create Change Events from Aconex Mail. See Change Event Wizard for details on how to use it.

The Change Event Wizard will be turned on automatically for all Aconex Cost users in the next 30 days.

Payment Application Reports – more Preliminary data reporting options

You can now use tags for filtering and grouping in the Preliminary Payment Application items report. Additionally, you can also use the Include Preliminary option in Payment Application Parent level reports.

Contract Change Import – ETC Draw Down Setting

We recently added the ability to individually set Contract Change items for Estimate to Complete then (ETC) drawdown, see Creating Contract Changes from Change Events.

The ETC drawdown settings control whether the Contract Change Item should reduce the estimate to complete (forecast to complete) on the Cost Worksheet, or leave it as it is. Before this release, you'd select ETC drawdown for the entire Contract Change (parent) record, not the item level. 

To support this, we've modified how the Contract Change (parent) and Contract Change Item imports work. The Item import now includes the ETC drawdown column, while the Parent import works in the following way:

If your import is Yes in the ETC drawdown column, then all related child items are set to ETC drawdown as well. 

If your import is No, this deselects all items so they are not drawn down.

If the column is blank, all current items in the system will be left as previously set, meaning no changes will be made to their settings.

The Import Contract Change Pay Items options.
Speed up project setup using reporting period dates

Cost administrators often set up their Organization's reporting periods to use specific cycles - so it's possible that some of the Org's projects will follow the same dates. When this happened in the past, administrators couldn't just use these dates, they had to set up the project level reporting periods manually. From this release, admins can instead use the new Copy feature to add the dates quickly and easily.

To do this select the Plus icon to enable a project in Cost Administration/Projects and then follow the Enable New Project wizard. In the wizard's last step, select Copy reporting periods from the organization to the project to use the same reporting period cycle the org uses.

The Enable New Project wizard showing the Copy reporting periods from the organization to the project option.
Importing unassigned activities into P6 schedules

We recently changed how P6 schedules work with activities that are not linked to control accounts. So from this release, you can import activities that are not assigned to control accounts from the options in  Project Settings/Integrations/Schedule Integration.

To do this, open Project Settings/Schedule Integration and select No automated assignment to Control Account under  Schedule Activity Options.

The Schedule Integration option in the Project Settings window.


Working faster with issue attachments

It's now easier to attach files by uploading one or more directly from your local folder. This means the file does not have to exist in Doc Register already. If you're viewing an issue with an attachment, you can download it directly to your local file.

Note: Files are attached to issues in the Related Items panel – they are NOT added to the Docs Register, and cannot be downloaded into Aconex. Once attached to an issue, they can't be deleted.

Exporting issues as a BCFzip file

You can now enjoy better and smoother collaboration with different groups working on a model by exporting issues using a BCFzip file. These can include a wide range of data such as object visibility and color, status, type, title, due date, priority, type and comments.

Viewer, assignee and issue owners can all run the export, which can be viewed in Aconex and in 3rd party tools such as Solibri. Note that the new feature doesn't replace your ability to export and work on issues in Excel.

The Export menu showing the BCFzip file option.

Release dates schedule

The release dates for this cycle are as follows. Note this information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.

HK 1: 21/01AU 2: 15/01CN 1: 15/01US 2: 15/01ALD: 17/01
KSA 1: 10/01MEA 1: 10/01US 1: 18/01AU 1: 19/01UK 1: 20/01