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Release 19.2.100

Release 19.2.100 gives you new features and improvements that make using Aconex easier.

This release has several updates, fixes and enhancements that’ll make working with Packages, Workflows and Models easier. For example, Editing Package codes and names, new project settings in Workflows, and being able to view units of measurement in Models.

The Login and Register buttons are moving from to Support Central. See below for more details.

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:
UK1 18/02
HK1 13/02


Aconex release version number format is changing

When reviewing the version number of your Aconex instance, you will see that the number format has changed from, for example, 19.1.0 to 19.2.100. This is part of the on-going process of aligning development releases with Oracle's CEGBU versioning. This change takes place from this release.

The login and register buttons are moving to Support Central

The login and register buttons on are moving to Support Central and won’t be available when closes on 28th of February

While the old site was primarily for prospective customers, it was also where existing customers logged into the Aconex application, and provided a registration area for new users and organizations.

From the 28th you can login and register via in all of our supported languages from the buttons in the top right of the screen.

The new SC Aconex Login and register screen.


Bugs and improvements

Linking existing Contract Changes to Change Events

Remember that issue where linking an existing Contract Changes to Change Events caused a math error? Remember that it displayed the value in both the Potential and the Approved Contract Changes columns in the Cost Worksheet instead of just the latter? It's gone.

Payment Applications and Contract Changes – Validation added

Validation and error messages have been added to Payment Applications and Contract Changes at the line item level as well as ensuring values for the entire record do not exceed the current contract amount. Payment applications cannot be approved if the total is not between zero and 100% of the current contract. Before this release, contract changes that were created after the payment application were not considered in the calculations. Additionally, error messages rather helpfully show the maximum value available you can claim against.

Creating New Contract Changes and Attaching Mail to Existing Contract Changed from Aconex Mail

In this release, Cost and Aconex Mail have grown even closer as you can now create new contract changes and attach mail to existing contract changes from Mail itself. Search them out in the Actions drop down menu and enjoy.

TPD using Budget Changes: Change Events are back

Recent updates to time phased data (TPD) when Budget Changes were enabled prevented Change Events from being included in the TPD. This issue has been resolved - hurrah!

If your project is using Change Events and TPD, you can control how the Approved Budget row is distributed when spreading TPD by deselecting Approved Budget Changes ( Current Budget Changes). Look for this in Cost Administration/ Project Settings/Time Phased Data.

Doing this removes the corresponding row from the TPD sub-grid in Control Accounts. The Approved Budget is then spread using the control account's start/finish dates and curve. If Budget Changes exist, they are included in the calculation and the dates and curve assigned to it are ignored.

The Cost management Project Settings showing Time Phased Data.


Edit package type code + name

Imagine you made a mistake when entering the name and code of a package type. You'd want to correct it wouldn't you? Great news then! As of this release you can edit a package type's name and code as long as it hasn't been used - i.e. no packages have been created from the package type. You can do this in Setup/ Project Settings/Package Types.

The Edit package codes window showing the Name and Code options.

Bugs and improvements

  • Fancy using the organization shortcode when setting up package auto-numbering schemes? Well now you can.
  • The permission error you'd see when editing Collaborators in bulk will no longer be troubling you.
  • Mail Approvals in the Package Mail are now behaving correctly.


New Project setting - Disabling a project’s Workflow notifications – in review

Have your users been getting unwanted notifications from archived projects? Annoying them was it? Well now you can put a smile on their faces by disabling notifications as part of the Archive process in Setup/Preferences/Project/Project-wide Settings. This has a new heading called Notifications. Select Disable overdue workflow step notifications and let the magic begin.


Model object properties now included units of measure

Need to know how high and wide and object is? How about its area or volume? Well Model Explore now shows the units of measure (imperial or metric) for objects. Just select an object, then select Object Properties.

Models Object properties screen showing the selected object's dimensions.