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Release 19.3.100

Release 19.3.100 gives you new features and improvements that make using Aconex easier.

This release has several updates, fixes and enhancements that’ll make working with Documents and Cost easier. For example, streamlining the Export to Excel process from Documents, and creating custom calculated fields for managing Cost.

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:
UK1 18/03
HK1 13/03


Release note survey

We at Support Central want to make sure you’re getting the most out of our Release Notes so have set up a short survey to find out:

  • what you think so far
  • what you want in the future
  • what we can do better.

The survey is anonymous and the five questions should take 2-3 minutes to complete. You can find it on the main release notes page, and on Release Note 19.2 and Release Note 19.3. The survey ends on Thursday 21 March.


Configuring Calculated Fields

Configured calculated fields, i.e. fields you define yourself, make it easier for you to get the data you need to fully customize your Cost reports and views.

You can create custom fields and specify calculations for the values displayed for the Cost Worksheet and Control Elements by adding new ones. You do this by either copying those already set up by your organization for a project, or by setting them up directly in Project settings. You can then view them in Cost grids and related reports, and can activate and de-activate them as needed.

Adding a new field.
Configuring the new field.
The configured fields in the Cost Worksheet.
Payment Applications – Update Preliminary

Ever created a payment application only to find out afterwards that there is updated information you want to include in it? For example, a contract change is approved after the application was created, but before the payment application is submitted.

Remember all the actions you had to run to fix this? Well that's all history.

Now, if there are updates affecting the current contract value, line items or retention, you'll see a message on your preliminary payment application telling you updates are available. And all you have to do is select Update draft from the Actions menu to pull all new values to review and submit them.

A draft payment application showing the Update Draft option.
Shared comments – Email Notifications

Do you remember our recent update about making comments that are shared for contract changes and payment applications for collaborative contracts? Well, from this release these comments are also included in email notifications as well. This is great for anyone who wants to send additional information or requests immediately.

Email Notifications showing an example of a shared comment.
Process Queue – Job Cancelation

Ever wanted to cancel a process before it's finished running? Perhaps you were importing data but then realized that it's the wrong file. Sometimes a process can take far too to run, and you want to stop it so you can review the data and try again.

If you run a process from this release, you'll be able to cancel a process in the Process Notifications window. How good is that?

An example of cancelling a process in the Process Notifications window.
Fixes and improvements
Tag Category columns not showing in Google Chrome.

If you are a Google Chrome user who hasn't been able to see Tag Category Columns in the Contracts Register, they're back!

Calculation issues with historic Time Phased Data for Earned Value

If you were experiencing problems with Earned Value for historic Time Phased Data during reporting period closeout, you should find that the values are now correct. This fix is applied automatically.


We have streamlined the Export to Excel process for Documents so that you can see how many records you're exporting without opening a separate page. This means you can see your data in context. Simple.


Auto Numbering including Project Fields

The Autonumbering functionality in Packages allows project-owning organizations to define the autonumbering schema for a Package type. We've upgraded this to allow you to include project fields as well.