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Release 19.5.100

Release 19.5.100 gives you new features and improvements that make using Aconex easier.

This release has several updates, fixes and enhancements that make working with modules such as Models and Cost quicker and easier. There’s new functionality in Model Coordination – now you can add new issues when inspecting existing ones, run bulk editing on multiple issues, and add comments to viewpoints.  In Cost there’s new functionality and a redesign of the Add Contract Change window which makes it more powerful and a lot easier to use.

The core release dates in this cycle are as follows:
UK1 03/06
HK1 04/06



All change in the Add Contract Change window

At Aconex we like to keep things moving and have redesigned and added new functionality to the Add Contract Change window. The new version is vertical, making it easier to use and set up in a specific order. Here you can create new pay items, modify existing ones, or choose to create the pay item later. All of this is done via Mail, Change Impact Review, and directly on the Contract Change page.

The redesigned Add Contract Change window.
New Pay Period columns for the Payment Application ( Progress Claim) Import template

If you're a general contractor or subcontractor who uses the Payment Application (parent) CSV import file to specify pay periods for multiple payment application records, you'd probably prefer not to update them manually one at a time in Aconex? We thought not too, so we added the Pay Period Start/Finish Date columns to the Payment Applications import template, which will make your work a lot easier.

Adding and viewing drafts in Contract Changes and Payment Applications

This is great - you can now create and view drafts from the sub-grids in Contract Changes (Variations) and Payment Applications ( Progress Claims). All you have to do is select:

  • the “+” icon above the sub-grid to create a contract change or payment application, or;
  • the icon in the Draft column to open an existing one.
The icons used to Add and view drafts in Contract Changes and Payment Applications.
Fixes and improvements
  • Validation that was preventing people from using Add Later in the add Contract Change (Variation) window is no longer doing so.
  • Retracting or Editing a Payment Application ( Progress Claim) with negative values are now working.


Issue export PDF straight to your desktop.

When you're exporting issues to PDF, you can export their associated photos as either thumbnails or HD photos. Depending on the options you've chosen for photos and issues count, the exported PDF is then downloaded to your desktop or uploaded into Docs Register/Temporary files.

The PDF file is downloaded to your desktop if you have an export of:

  • 1000 or fewer issues, with the photo thumbnail option selected
  • 200 or fewer issues, with the high-resolution photos option selected

In all other cases, the export files are uploaded into Docs Register/Temporary files. You'll be notified by email once the upload is complete. The email will include a link to download the exported file.


Adding a new issue from an existing issue

How often have you been reviewing one issue only to find another one? And when you did, you'd have to create the new issue from scratch. Well, that's a thing of the past now, as you can create a new issue from the one you're already viewing. All you have to do is select the plus sign on the Model Viewpoint panel, then select New Issue. Job done.

Adding a new issue from an existing issue
Editing multiple issues using bulk edit

We've speeded up the process of editing design issues by adding the ability to edit them in bulk. You can only do this if you have edit permissions.

You do this in Issues by filtering the current design issues to create a list of the ones you want to change. For example, you might want to select them by Status or Type. You can then update these by changing fields such as Assignee and Due Date from the Bulk edit button.

Editing multiple issues using bulk edit
Enhanced design issue filters

You can now filter issues using multiple parameters for Status, Type, Assignee and Issue set. For example, you could use a Type of both Error and Warning, or an Assignee of Not assigned and Assigned to me. You can add as many fields and options as you require.

Enhanced design issue filters.
Adding Viewpoints with comments

If you're reviewing a design issue, you can now add additional context to it such as a viewpoint, snapshot, and comment, making it easier to collaborate with colleagues. To do this, select the plus sign in the menu on Model Viewpoint panel and select Viewpoint with comment.

Adding Viewpoints with comments


Fixes and improvements
  • Remember the problem where editing a package wasn't possible due to user accounts that had been disabled? Yep, gone.
  • Good news - the "Malicious content detected" error message you might have seen when entering paragraphs into the message box of the "Send package" window will no longer trouble you.
  • On the US1 and MEA instance downloading, sharing and deleting of attachments wasn't working properly. We've fixed this.
  • When you export a package, the Excel Report now includes all information from the package documents.
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally create a package twice by clicking 'Save' twice if auto-numbering was enabled.