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Release 19.6.100

This month's new features make it easier than ever to collaborate with your project team.

 Collaborating with your team is even easier with this month’s new features:

  • Easily invite multiple users to your project from the global directory.
  • Start Field inspections on your desktop and move seamlessly to your mobile device on-site to finish them. 
  • Edit and collaborate on Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly from the Document Register
  • We've also got a sneak peek of the brand new Aconex Mobile app.
Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during this 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. 

Aconex General

Invite multiple users to your project

Want to invite one or more users to a project in a few easy moves? You'll be glad to hear that you can do this from the Project Directory. From the Project Directory select 'Invite User' in the top right corner.

Invite user from the top of the project directory

In the invite user pop-up, start typing the names of the people you'd like to add and select them.

Add a custom message (which is optional), then click 'Invite User'.

Add multiple users in the pop up window

Some things to keep in mind:

  • You can only invite users who are already registered on the  Global Directory for that instance, these instructions will show you how.
  • Using this option will NOT provide you with a record of who and when a user was invited, as no mail gets added to the Sent Items. 


Collaborative viewing and editing of Microsoft Office files from the  Document Register 

As part of our Office 365 integration, you can now view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly from the Document Register. Collaborating with your project members without the need to download files means you'll save time and be able to see their changes when saving the files as a draft.

With the Office Online integration, not only can you now view the file, but you can also edit it directly in Aconex with an Office 365 subscription. All you have to do to edit a file is log in using your Office 365 credentials. and when you've finished updating the file, you can either supersede the document or save your changes to a draft, and come back to it when you want to continue. This works even if multiple users are editing a file at the same time, as all the changes are saved to the draft created.

Note: Org Admins have to grant the 'Use office online' permission before you can start viewing and editing files. Read more detailed instructions on how to View and edit Microsoft Office documents in Aconex.


Selected objects now easier to see

We've updated the way selected objects are shown in the viewer. In certain cases, it can be difficult to see a selected object among all the other elements in a model. From this release, the complete outline of the hidden parts of the selected object will now be visible.

Selected objects view in Models

Fixes and improvements

This month we've made a range of improvements that make navigating your models easier. 

Scroll wheel accuracy has been optimized, so that you can transition smoothly from point to point, the navigation point also centers when you select 'Zoom to'.

If you're using VR in Model Coordination you can navigate by using "Teleport" to point where you'd like to go and then be taken to that location with a click of the controller.

You can also use your VR controller to do many of the tasks you'd normally use a mouse for. For example, selecting menu items, objects and viewpoints, reviewing an object's properties and taking measurements.

This article in the Model Coordination area of Support Central describes how to use a VR controller to navigate your way around a model in more detail.

VR controller instructions

See all your organization's issues using the new drill down feature

You can already see the status of all issues assigned to your organization by reviewing the 'Issue status by organization' panel in the Dashboard. We've improved this feature by adding the 'View issues assigned to my organization' button. Use this to see them all in more detail.

Models View issues assigned to my organization


Seamless Inspections from desktop and mobile

Quality and Safety managers can now start and edit inspections from the desktop and seamlessly transition to their mobile devices.

From this release onwards, we will begin rolling out the ability to start and edit inspections on the desktop.  

From this release, you can start inspection checklists, edit responses and add signatures and you will also be able to edit the location of the inspection checklist on the desktop version.

Oracle Aconex Mobile

We're excited to give you a sneak peek of the new mobile application joining the Oracle Aconex family.

In the next few months, we will launch a brand new mobile app for both Apple and Android devices, available for both phones and tablets. The app has been built from the ground up with an improved design and user experience. 

This first release will build on our existing Oracle Aconex Field product.  It will provide issue and inspection management for quality assurance/control, as well as the ability to view project drawings and pin issues to drawings.  Over time we will integrate more features from the current mobile application suite.

We'll continue to support the existing Oracle Aconex mobile applications until their features are integrated into the new mobile application. Watch this space over the coming months, we'll keep you up to date on the transition so you can keep your teams in the loop.

Screen shots of the new Mobile app


How to install your Local Archive - now in two versions

As of this release there are now two versions of How to install your Local Archive. The first is for downloads made before June 17th 2019; the second is downloads made after June 17th 2019.

Release dates schedule

The release dates in this cycle are as follows, note this information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change.

AU 1: 21/07HK 1: 03/07KSA 1: 21/06MEA: 21/06AU 2: 26/06
UK 1: 24/06CN 1: 20/06US 1: 23/06ALD: 21/06US 2: 20/06