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Release 19.7.200

This month's new features make it easier than ever to work on tasks in Aconex.

Part two of July’s release notes focuses on news about the forthcoming Oracle Aconex Mobile app, and on new functionality in Cost that allows users to share information, and to speed up Primavera integrations.

  • Use the new Primavera Cloud Schedule Integration utility to sync with your Cost activity schedule.
  • Use Configured fields in Cost to add user tips to contracts changes.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during the 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. 


Oracle Aconex Mobile

A few weeks ago we told you about the new mobile application that was about to join the Oracle Aconex family: Oracle Aconex Mobile. The app has been rebuilt from the ground up with an improved design and user experience.

In August we'll launch the new app for both Apple and Android devices, including phones and tablets. 

The first release builds on our existing Oracle Aconex Field product, and provides issue and inspection management for quality assurance/control, as well as the ability to view project drawings and pin issues to drawings. Over time we will integrate more features from the current mobile application suite. 

We'll also continue supporting the existing Oracle Aconex mobile applications until their features are integrated into the new mobile app. So watch this space over the coming months - we'll keep you up-to-date on the transition and make it easy to keep your teams in the loop.

Oracle Aconex Mobile in the App Store.


Syncing Primavera Cloud Schedule to your Cost schedule

You can now synchronize your Primavera Cloud Schedule data to your Cost schedule activities using the new Schedule Integration functionality. Previously, entering this data into Cost required multiple steps via manual entry or import, so this is a big time-saver.

To do this, set up the connection in Cost Administration/Organization Settings. From here select Integrations/Primavera Cloud Schedule, and add the options you want to use. When you've finished, run the schedule integration utility in Cost Management/Utilities/Run Schedule Integration. Remember to verify your synch settings before running it.

Setting up the integration.
Selecting the integration settings.
Running the integration.
Adding user tips to configured fields on all Cost pages

Cost users have asked to able to see the calculation used to display the value of custom configured field directly on the grid. This month we're launching this feature which will remove the need for you to go back to the administration page to verify. Once created, users can add their tip or calculation details to the Info tip column in the grid view, which can then be seen by everyone else. 

This is set up in several steps starting with adding a new field in Cost Administration/Configured Fields, and ending by adding the new column to the grid.

An example of how to configure fields for info tips.
An example of an info tip in the grid.

Release dates schedule

AU 1: 11/08HK 1: 07/08KSA 1: 09/08MEA: 09/08AU 2: 07/08
UK 1: 12/08CN 1: 08/08US 1: 11/08ALD: 09/08US 2: 08/08