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Release 19.9.100 - Part 1

We've a lot of updates to bring you this release, so we've made it easier to read by splitting it into two parts. Part 1 brings you more news about the Oracle Aconex Mobile app, as well as adding organization and project logos.

In Part 1 of this release you can find out more about the new Oracle Aconex app, adding organization and project logos and managing issue workflows in Navisworks. You can find Part 2 here.

  • You can download the new Oracle Aconex Mobile app from your favorite app store.
  • You can now manually add organization and project logos without having to contact Service Desk.
  • Export Model issues into Aconex, and edit their details before you do so, from within Navisworks.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during the 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. 


Manually upload your own organization and project logos

Good news - you can now add your own organization and project logos to Aconex yourself! This means you no longer have to contact Service Desk to get them added.

Project Settings showing the edit button for Project Logo.
The Update Organization window.

Oracle Aconex Mobile App

Oracle Aconex Mobile App - in the App Store and on-site

The new Oracle Aconex Mobile app is now available to download from your app store. In the new app you will be able to work with drawings and issues, to pin issue to drawings, run Checklist Inspections and use PDF Forms on Apple and Android phones and tablets.

This will give it all the functionality of the existing Oracle Aconex Field app, which will be removed from the app store by the end of January 2020.

Note that removing it won't affect the app already installed on your device. However, once it’s been removed from the store, if you uninstall it, or want to use Field on a new device, you'll have to use the new Oracle Aconex Mobile Application instead.

You can use the new app alongside your existing Field app if you want to, and swap between the two as you get used to the new format. If you're doing this, you must ensure you synchronize your data with the server before swapping between apps.

The Oracle Aconex App in the app store.


Organizing your tasks by prioritizing Design Issues

You can now set and edit an issue's priority which means you can organize your tasks as required. The levels are: No priority, Low, Medium, High and Critical.

To do this, open the Edit Details window and select an option from the Priority menu. You can then use filters to see only those with the setting you require.

An example of an issue showing the it's Priority level is set to High.
The Edit Details window showing the options for Priority.
Using space labels to identify areas within a model

We've made it easier to identify the different areas of a model using the space labels imported from an IFC file. You can enable or disable these by clicking the three dots in the Explorer in both Explore and Explore Pro.

The Show Labels option.
An example of a drawing with space labels for each room.
Navisworks clash workflow - enhanced ability to manage clashes and design issues

We've made it easier to manage Aconex design issues from Navisworks using the improved Aconex Autodesk plugin. You can do this using the 'Create Issues from Clashes' button in the top ribbon to select clashes, which adds them to the Publish Clashes table. Here you can review and edit their details before adding them to the Aconex Design Issue panel. There are eight editable columns, for example, Assignee, Set and Status. You can carry out all of this process without leaving Navisworks.

The Create Issues from Clashes button.
The Publish Clashes table.
Displaying basic properties in Design Issue Register

We've created a new Issue's feature that allows you to see an object's Name, Level and Type properties just by clicking on it. This functionality can be toggled on and off using the Eye icon, and only shows the info that has been entered. Missing info is shown as N/A.

An example of an object's properties in Design Issue Register.
Exporting even more data to Excel

We've added three new columns to the Export to Excel functionality which means you can now see even more issue data. The new columns are: Priority, Due Date and Set.

Release dates schedule

AU 1: 06/10HK 1: 02/10KSA 1: 04/10MEA 1: 04/10AU 2: 02/10
UK 1: 07/10CN 1: 03/10US 1: 06/10ALD: 04/10US 2: 03/10