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Release 20.03.100

In this month’s update, we have new configurations in Mail, added the ability to auto-populate document values and introduce optimized search with a new interface in Documents, upgraded to a new framework in Reports and applied enhancements in Cost.


  • Configure mail types to control the mail status in Mail
  • Optimized search and new interface in Documents
  • Extract user comments from markups and metadata in Viewer.
  • Auto-populate document values without entering them in manually in Documents
  • Upgraded infrastructure in Reports

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during the 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start. 


Configured Fields

Configured Fields have now been added to Subgrids, available in Contract Change and Payment Application drafts and saved versions. 

Cost Activity Stream

The Cost Team has been evaluating the Activity Steam and adding important events that were not previously logged. Some newly logged events include Project Currency and Exchange Rate modifications, as well as successful Cost imports.

Change Event Item ETC Drawdown

We're excited to announce the release of ETC drawdown for Change Event Items. This feature provides the ability to draw down from the available ETC for the amount of Change Event Items, with the option available for selection on each Change Event Item that references a Contract. 

The ETC Drawdown checkbox can be selected unique to each item, and is not required to match the parent setting. The parent setting is used as the default for newly added Change Event Items and to select or deselect the checkbox for all eligible Change Event Items.

Fixes and enhancements

  • If delete or deactivate Organization Calendar is attempted when Projects are using the Calendar, a message will display listing the projects.
  • French, Japanese and German translation updates have been applied as we continue to improve Cost functionality.


1. Auto-populate document properties from a filename without entering them manually.

You can now replicate your filename convention and the system will automatically populate the document properties out of the filename, without having to enter the values in manually. This saves you time when uploading and registering new documents.

Select the Documents tab, then Multiple File Upload to create a new profile or edit an existing one. You'll then be able to create a Custom ruleset by selecting document fields from the dropdown menu.

The system will support the following document field types:

  • Text
  • Text area
  • Select list (single)
  • Doc number

For the Select list fields, your filename will have to contain the codes saved in the system. We will try to match the codes from the filename with the ones in the system and apply the corresponding value.

You're able to skip parts of the filename which don't form part of your document values, and tell the system which parts of the filename should form the document number by adding a checkmark next to the dropdown. 

Read more information about extracting document values.

extract documents from filename

2. Opt-in to use the new Documents interface with an optimized search

We've made searching in Documents faster with a simplified interface that delivers powerful results and reduces total search time, making it easier for you to navigate search results.

The new search screen is intuitive and you'll be able to customize the pin-able columns in the  Document Register results.

Features include:

  • Optimized search filters so that you can find information quicker
  • Search multiple values in a single select list, so you don't have to construct a search string to find your documents
layout of the new document search

Make sure you opt-in so you can experience the simplified interface which includes all the popular search features.

try out the new document search


Configure mail types to control the Mail status.

When replying to mails, Project Admins can now configure which mail types update a mail's status to Responded and which keep the mail status as Outstanding. This makes it much easier to know which mail conversations have received a final response and which are still ongoing.  With this update, it's also clearer in the mail search results and mail thread which replies were responsible for causing the status to update to Responded.  Read Configuring mail Type Rules.

control which mail types complete your processes

Relabelled and new mail search columns

To support the new functionality mentioned above, we've introduced two new columns in the Mail pages, Responded With and Responded Date. These provide information about the mail number that triggered a Responded status and the date that it happened.

As a result of these new columns, the labels of two existing columns have also been updated:

Responses → Replies
Response Date → Reply Date

New columns:

new columns in Mail

For projects that adopt these changes and configure specific mail types to end a process, where a reply sent by a user is their final response and they chose a mail type configured to keep the status as Outstanding, permitted users will be able to mark the sent mail as RespondedRead Manage User Roles and Permissions.

Email responses and Out-of-office 

If you've ever had an Outstanding mail which has changed to Responded as a result of out-of-office emails and auto-replies, you can now configure a preference to prevent external emails triggering a Responded status against an Aconex mail, greatly improving mail management. Read Aconex User Preferences Guide.

 prevent external emails triggering a Responded status


Extract markups and metadata from PDF documents 

We've added new functionality that provides a download option in  Document Register, now available in the Aconex application. 

The Markup Summary Download allows users to automatically extract user comments from markups and metadata from the selected PDF document. Extracted comments are published at the end of the downloaded PDF, making it easier for you to see comments separately and reference the mark ups from a Workflow process. 

  • This feature currently supports PDF files
  • Only the latest version of the document will be downloaded at any given point
  • Files marked up/edited in Viewer are subject to download
  • Markups will be flattened in the downloaded file

Users who view PDF files outside of Aconex will not lose critical marked up information, even when printing files. Files also include document revision, number, title and project name, so you don't have to refer back to Aconex. 

example markup summary sheet


Report with new layouts and insights

We've upgraded Reports to a new framework which will help us add new reporting features and functionality for you in future releases.

You have the ability to switch and set default layouts, save reports using a combination of filters and layouts and export to PDF, CSV or XLSX format. 

Migrate your saved reports
Please note the current reporting functionality under Org Reports and Reports will continue to be available to help you manage the change. Ensure you migrate your saved reports to the new module during this period as you continue to explore some of the new capabilities.

Navigate to the Insights menu and select Reports to access the feature. 

Release dates schedule

The release dates for this cycle will be deployed as per schedule. Note this information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.

HK 1: 21-AprAU 2: 22-AprCN 1: 22-AprUS 2: 22-AprALD: 24-Apr
KSA 1: 24-AprMEA 1: 24-AprAU 1: 26-AprUK 1: 27-AprUS 1: 30-May