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Release 20.05.100

In this month's update, we've listened to your feedback and enhanced Documents search, made improvements to Project Fields and added more settings to Mail.


  • Enhanced Documents Search makes it even easier to find what you're looking for
  • Multi Select project fields now available for Mail forms and Packages
  • Configure Mail your way with new processes and settings
  • Separated permissions for Project Admins to control who can add and remove users from the project
  • Improvements in Project Fields to save you time.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during the 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.


New Document Search is more customizable. Opt-in today to quickly find the documents you seek.

Based on your feedback, we've made significant improvements to the new Document search. 

Here's some of the additional filters and features to help you find what you’re looking for:

  • Addition of three default filters: Date Modified, Status and Created By - to help you quickly narrow your search
  • Increase the number of results displayed by hiding the search criteria (using collapsible filters)
  • Column headings (header row) will remain visible as your scroll through your search results
  • Recent Searches are cached and show when you next log in
  • 'Save Search As...' is easier to access in the search filters panel. Save time by saving your frequent searches.

Plus more features to best display your results, including:

  • Horizontal scroll bars
  • Text wrapping for the Document Title and Document Number fields
  • Improved column width defaults.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed Workflow links: Review Source, Review Status
  • Fixed user getting pushed to Task page when BIM asset not enabled.

Improved management of Project Fields

Admins can save time with two significant improvements to Project Fields.

Sort your options as you edit your fields

Org and Project Admins, have you ever had a long list of options you wanted to include in a project field, and took the time to sort them in alphabetical or numerical order before adding them?

Now when you create or edit a field, you can add a jumbled list of options, and click the Sort By button to put them into order. So whether it's a Single or Multi Select List type, you can be sure your list is well sorted and users can easily pinpoint their selection(s).

"Sort By" in Project Fields

Disable unwanted Project Fields

Org and Project Admins – you no longer need to see Project Fields you don’t use when you’re configuring Mail forms, Package types and issue types in Field. Reduce the clutter by disabling Project Fields you no longer need (for example, test fields or fields created in error). 

Disable unwanted Project Fields

Easily see when documents are related with additional relationship types in Related Items

We've added an additional relationship type pair for Related Items; Linked and Linked to. This generic relationship type makes it easier to indicate a document is related to another document.


New features to optimize your Mail processes

Org Admins can:

Decide who can close out organization mail

Ever felt the frustration of someone closing out your mail when it wasn’t ready to be closed? Org Admins can reduce this frustration and help to avoid incorrect or unintentional close out of mail threads.

As of this release, users will still be able to close-out their own mail threads, but will have to be assigned permission via their role to close-out threads started by others in the organization.

Note: permission is granted by default to the Basic +, Document Admin, Project Admin and Org Admin roles.

Project Admins can:

Be in even better form. Avoid text fields when collecting multiple values

When you create forms, do you use free text fields when you need to collect multiple values? You can now help your users avoid data entry mistakes by adding multi-select fields when you create a form for Mail or Package types.

Know which groups are empty (when configuring your project's mail distribution rules)

We've made it easier for Project Admins to know when user groups assigned to distribution rules are empty.

Groups that don't contain any members are now appended with: (empty group). This serves as a prompt to either update the rule, or add users to the group.

Project Fields

Get notified when a mail you sent is marked responded (after the fact)

In the 20.3.100 release, we added functionality enabling permitted users to mark a mail as Responded, after the fact. If you've sent a mail that gets marked responded in this way, you'll now get notified when this happens.

Note: you can turn off these notifications in Preferences.


Usability improvements in Secured Assets 

We're making some changes to make the configuration of user roles and secured assets simpler and more efficient.

These can all be found via Setup > Configure User Roles

"Create a Guest User” has been moved into the "Directory" group of secured assets.

Create a Guest User

"Edit Own user information" and "Edit user level session time duration" have moved into the new "User Account" group of secured assets.

Edit Own user information

Project Participants List

Project Administrators now have simpler and more granular control over access to this screen and its functionality via the following explicit Secured Assets.  

  • Project Participants List - View
  • Project Participants List - Add Users
  • Project Participants List - Remove Users
  • Project Participants List - Control Project Directory Visibility.


Cost Worksheet – New Columns

To better support business requirements and provide more clarity on contract related change amounts, we separated Change Event and Contract Change (Variation) amounts on the Cost Worksheet. We've added two new columns to the Cost Worksheet for Potential Contract Change Events and Approved Contract Change Events. These two new columns contain contract related change amounts from Change Events only (when not linked to a Contract Change).

IMPORTANT: This update will impact your Cost Worksheet, Configured Fields and the following reports: Executive Summary, Control Elements and Cost Worksheet. You may need to adjust your views, reports and configured fields to use the new fields.

Cost Worksheet

Approval Processes – Permissions

Approval processes are now tied to 'execute permissions' for Payment Application ( Progress Claim) approvals. 

The permission will be renamed to Execute/Approve in the security profile and disabled for rows where it doesn’t apply.

  • Disabling Execute/Approve will stop users from approving or unapproving (retracting) a payment application
  • Approving a draft payment application
  • Approving a submitted payment application
  • Retract and approved payment application.
Payment Application


Workflow Reports - Hyperlink issue

We've corrected an issue relating to the display of hyperlinks in 'Report 3 - Workflow review status'. The links were displaying as raw HTML, and now correctly display as clickable links.

Workflows Issue

Release dates schedule

The release dates for this cycle will be deployed as per schedule. Note this information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.

CN 1: 27-MayALD: 29-MayKSA 1: 29-MayMEA 1: 29-MayAU 1: 31-May
UK 1: 1-JunHK 1: 2-JunAU 2: 3-JunUS 2: 3-JunUS 1: 11-Jul