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Release 20.08.100

In this month's update, more improvements to the Document Search, retain your shared upload profiles settings and more.


  • More improvements to the Document Search.
  • Define which files types are allowed in your projects.
  • Your shared upload profiles retain your settings and can’t be edited by other organizations.

Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during the 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.


Your feedback. More improvements. Try the new Document Search view.

  • All available filters are now visible by default in the selection panel.
  • Customize your default search by pinning your important filters to the top of the search panel.
Document Register - all available filters
  • Your pinned filters will be saved, even if you don’t enter any values, so you’ll always see those filters as your default.
  • Set up different filter criteria / pinned search views for the Documents, Drawings and Temporary Files tabs.
  • The Search, Save Search As and Clear all filters buttons are now at the top level so you no longer have to open up the filter drop down to click search.
  • We’ve improved loading time for search results so you’ll find your documents faster.

Define which file types are allowed in your projects

We’re keeping your projects and project participants safe by restricting upload of file types or strings that can contain malicious content.  

The list of file types that will be restricted by default is below. We recommend that you don’t allow these files, but if there’s a project need, Project Admins can go into Setup / Security / File restrictions to remove a file type from the restriction list for a project.

File types that will now be restricted by default (extension):

  • exe
  • pif
  • application
  • gadget
  • msi
  • msp
  • com
  • scr
  • hta
  • cpl
  • msc
  • jar
  • svg

Anywhere in filename:

  • icar
File restrictions menu

Your shared upload profiles retain your settings and can’t be edited by other organizations

We’ve made a change to upload profiles. Previously, upload profiles shared with the project were able to be edited by other organizations. Now, your shared upload profiles can still be viewed by all users, but can only be edited by users in your own organization.

More flexibility when configuring an upload profile ruleset

We’ve added new separators including "( )" and "[ ]" to accommodate more complex filenames when auto-populating document values. You can also separate filenames after a fixed length of characters to support specific filenames such as "ARC5GR_2568_P(1)".

Note: you can create / edit an upload profile for your organization, however you will require permission to share an upload profile with the project.

Upload profile - custom ruleset


Greater certainty a response will arrive when replying to email notifications

It’s all in the delivery: if you reply to your email notifications directly from your email client (such as Outlook), you’ll know your response will register into Aconex, as long as you haven’t changed the sending address or subject line.

We’ve now added an additional reference tag (invisible) in the email body to increase the chance of your email being delivered. It’s important to retain the reference tag in the subject line (i.e. ACNXREF<FjveOwH3pQCHT5q6MhoY4>), however the additional reference tag in the email body is particularly useful if the subject line has been edited.

To avoid deletion of the invisible tag, you'll now see an advisory hint text in the email notification: "When replying, do not delete the content below this line".

Aconex thread - replying to mail

Note: for mail sent from outside the Aconex app (for example, replying to an email notification), we do not guarantee delivery. Using this method relies on email systems rather than Aconex, therefore delivery is subject to delay. We cannot guarantee delivery of email sent directly to an email address, as it is not within the control of Aconex. We recommend you manage your mail entirely within the Aconex platform.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed a bug in the View Mail Metadata API which was returning IsRegistered: true for normal mails and mails saved to draft. This parameter will now only be returned for manually registered mail.

Tell us how to make Mail better for you

You'll notice we've added the “Tell us what you think” feedback link on the Search Mail page.

We’d love to hear what’s working, and any suggestions for making Mail better for you. Click the link to tell us what you think.

Mail - tell us what you think


Fixes and enhancements

  • Previously, the Download with Markup Summary menu option appeared to be available for all the versions of a document, however, it was actually only available for the current version, and that’s what would be downloaded. We made this clearer by making the Download with Markup Summary menu option appear only for the current version.
Download with Markup Summary


Get the full picture. Attach multiple photos per inspection item.

Inspectors can now attach multiple photos per inspection line item. This gives greater clarity by ensuring related photos can be grouped based on the issue and inspection results.

You’ll also be able to view photos in the inspection audit log and downloaded report.

Note: this feature is available on both the web and Oracle Aconex Mobile.

Multiple photos attached to inspection item


Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed an issue where the clash sphere was not being shown when clicking on an existing issue using the Model Coordination Plugin for Revit 2021 - this feature now works.


Fixes and enhancements

  • The change event page now exports more data with the addition of Tags in Change Event Exports, decreasing the time required to manually add data to exports.
  • Our translation bundle now includes Brazilian Portuguese.


Calling all Mail and Docs APIs developers: FULL search mode will be retired, and PAGED search mode adjusted

As part of our work to enhance the overall performance and stability of Aconex, we’re making some changes to our Mail and Document APIs from August 15. 

FULL search mode will be retired, meaning you will no longer be able to request every item in your mail or documents register via a single call. Read the guide to replacing FULL search.

PAGED search mode has been adjusted to restrict the size of each page to 500 items. Full details of how to adjust any scripts that were using these features have been published to the API developer forum.

Although these changes were announced in April on the API developer forum, and we’ve contacted via direct email those individuals using these features over the last few months, we recommend Org Admins check with their developers to ensure APIs have been updated to reflect these changes.

Creation of Mail APIs - enhanced handling of validation errors

Version 3 is now available for the APIs that deal with the creation of mail (create, reply, forward, register). This improves the way form validation errors are handled, by returning all validation errors in one response. It includes the field ID associated with the error, and all errors will be displayed against their respective fields.

Ensure you use TLS 1.2 or later versions

In 2018 we announced that TLSv1.0 encryption protocol would no longer be supported, and recommended organizations update to TLSv1.2. From August 31, 2020, Aconex APIs will support TLSv1.2 or later, so please ensure you are using the correct version for all interactions with Aconex Web Service APIs.

Release dates schedule

The release dates for this cycle will be deployed as per schedule. Note this information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.

HK 1: 12-AugAU 2: 13-AugCN 1: 13-AugUS 2: 13-AugEU1: 19-Sep
KSA 1: 14-AugMEA 1: 14-Aug US 1: 15-AugAU 1: 16-AugUK 1: 17-Aug