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Release 20.10.100 - Part 1

In Part 1 of this month's update, Aconex Mail now on the Oracle Aconex Mobile app and more.

This month’s release has been split into two parts. Read Part 2.

The important stuff

  • Aconex Mail now on the Oracle Aconex Mobile app
  • Admins can update Cascading Metadata hierarchy templates
  • Aconex system performance status available in the app

The following features will be released to all instances with the exception KSA1 due to current infrastructure upgrade works. Note that some of the items mentioned here will be released during the 30-day release cycle, rather than at its start.


Admins can update Cascading Metadata hierarchy templates directly in Aconex.

If you use Cascading Metadata, you’ll know it gives users more relevant document tag options to choose from. Good news - you no longer have to contact us to make changes to your Cascading Metadata. We’ve updated settings to allow Project and Org Admins, from a project owning organization, to make the changes directly within the application. This is controlled by a new secured asset, Cascading Metadata.

Navigate to Setup >  Project Settings > Documents > Cascading Metadata. If there’s an existing hierarchy you want to update, you’ll need to remove it before uploading a new file.

If there are multiple hierarchies defined and you only want to update one, you’ll need to remove all of them first, before uploading the updated and remaining hierarchies back into the system.


  • Files should be in CSV format when defining hierarchies
  • Column names should match the Document Fields in the system
  • Document Fields used in existing hierarchies won’t be able to be used in a different hierarchy

Note: Cascading Metadata is optional and not all projects use this feature. Read more about using Cascading Metadata for your project.

Fixes and enhancements

We’ve moved the  Document Register Drawings and  Temporary Files tabs from the top menu to the left navigation menu. We’ve also included your saved searches in this menu so it’s always easy to find them. If you’re an organization that opted-in to the Smart Folders functionality in the classic Document Search, this is the new Document Search equivalent.

Documents - the left navigation menu


Easily scan mail with the new color-coded statuses.

Mail statuses displayed in the mail detail have a new look. The new statuses have been updated to meet accessibility requirements for contrast ratio, and are right-aligned for easier scanning.

Mail - new accessible statuses

Fixes and enhancements

  • Fixed a bug where the selection of an auto-text or signature repositioned you to the top of the page. Now you’ll remain in the same section where you made your selection.

Note: the recently released 'All' tab in Mail was not performing as expected, so we've temporarily removed this feature from all instances. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Fixes and enhancements

  • You may have received an error when downloading a file from a workflow transmittal, when the documents were part of a confidential workflow. The issue was related to how a workflow participant is granted access to confidential documents in a confidential workflow, and only occurred in specific scenarios. This issue has been resolved, and you’ll be able to download files directly from the workflow transmittal, the workflow review screens and the Document Register.


Stay connected on the jobsite. Aconex Mail now on the Oracle Aconex Mobile app.

We have some exciting news - Mail will be available in the Oracle Aconex Mobile app in our October release! With Documents and Mail available in the Oracle Aconex Mobile app, you’re able to perform most of the functions of the Oracle Aconex Mail and Docs Mobile app. We’re hard at work to add the remaining functionality to the Oracle Aconex Mobile app over the coming months, realizing the goal of a unified Aconex mobile experience. We encourage you to start planning your transition to the Oracle Aconex Mobile app, as support for the Oracle Aconex Mail and Docs app will be discontinued, and the apps will be removed from the store by mid-2021.

Mobile - Aconex Mail on the app

Get the right information when you need it, wherever you are. The Oracle Aconex Mobile app allows you to:

  • Create, reply or forward mail, even when offline
  • View, search, and filter project mail
  • Identify unread mail using unread indicators
  • Track communication with mail threads 
  • Mark mail as read or unread
  • Attach documents, files, photos, and videos to project mail
  • View and download team members’ information from the directory
  • Search and select members in the project directory or the global directory
  • Mark mail as confidential
  • Resolve any issues with unsent mail

We’ve also added the new accessible mail statuses available on the web app to the mobile app. This makes it easier for you identify your mail’s status at a glance.

Note: when using the Oracle Aconex mobile app offline, cached data will automatically sync when you have a stable internet connection. If you explicitly log out without an internet connection, any cached data will be lost. Where possible, we recommend staying logged in at all times and syncing regularly to avoid this. Automatic syncing will work if your mail session has expired, you’ll just need to re-enter your password when you have an internet connection.


Saving Field Admins time. Assign and edit Field user roles directly in the app.

We’re helping Field Admins setup projects faster without contacting Service Desk. Field Admins can now assign Field user roles to the users of participating organizations. Field user roles can be edited anytime during the project lifecycle.

Field - add users screen

Model Coordination

In sharp focus. Support added for viewing models in Orthogonal mode.

We’ve added another way to view models. Orthogonal displays the models where an object's apparent scale isn't affected by its distance from the camera.

Orthogonal view is commonly used in engineering to produce specifications that communicate dimensions unambiguously. Each line of one unit length (cm, inch etc.) will appear to have the same length everywhere in the model. This allows the modeler to dimension only a subset of lines, and let the user know that other lines of the same length in the model are also of the same length in reality.

When viewing in Orthogonal mode, every parallel line in the model is also parallel in reality.

Role models. Updated ribbon bar with new icons and easier project selection.

The Navisworks and Revit plugin for Models has been updated with a new ribbon bar and icons, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. We’ve also improved the selection of projects, which is especially useful if you have a large list of accessible projects.

Models - new menu icons

A clearer point of view. Integrated online viewer enables easier collaboration.

It’s now clearer to see when a model is not related to an issue, and there’s a quick and easy way to relate it to an issue. The integrated online viewer enables the entire coordination team to view, manage and resolve issues. Design issues that don't have a related model now show feedback, and a path to resolve it.

Model Coordination - integrated online viewer

Fixes and enhancements

  • Added a field to the Import BCF flow which allows you to identify and relate models in bulk. This ensures the correct models are associated in the model viewer for the reviewer and other stakeholders on the project.
  • Added a Due Date field to new design issues in Model Explore Pro, which allows the creator to include a due date.


Reporting good news. Continue working in Aconex while larger reports load in parallel.

You’ll now be able to continue work in Aconex while your reports are created in the background. When the report is ready, you can easily access it, and view previous report runs from the Report History tab.

Insights - Report History tab

Laying it on the line. New updates to reports and layouts.

  • Project Overview report - extended layout: updated to display additional adoption metrics across Mails and Documents.
  • Document Status report: additional layout added to replace the modified date filter.
  • RFI Sent and Received: all mail statuses, including NA, are now supported.
  • Mail with Response required: this report has been merged with the Mail Status. The output of the Mail with Response required report can be achieved by altering the filters of the Mail Status report. Saved Mail with Response required reports will be automatically mapped to the Mail Status report.

Fixes and enhancements

  • Custom reporting page will display additional metadata such as Shared With and Modified By.
  • Set default layouts for reports by saving them with your preferred layout. The additional step to set the default layout is not required.
  • New option to share reports in Edit Properties (limited to private reports only).

Note: the new features in this release of Reports are only available on the Aconex US1, UK1 and AU1 instances. 


Aconex system performance status available in the app.

We’ve made it easier for you to see how Aconex is performing. Go to Help to see the system status indicator. Remember, you can also subscribe to live Aconex updates.

Read further information on Aconex system performance status

Setup - system performance status


We mean business. Company Registration Number now mandatory on the registration screen.

When registering a new organization on Aconex, you'll now be asked to add a Company Registration Number - e.g. ABN (Australian Business Number) in Australia, VAT (Value Added Tax) number in the UK etc. This is to ensure that duplicate registrations are easy to identify and don't register more than once on any one instance.

Note: this field was already available and voluntary in the organization details once the registration was complete. This change is to make it mandatory at the point of registering the organization.

Bulk up the easy way. External API now supported to create users.

You can now create bulk users and invite them to projects, reducing the manual effort and time required to create single users. The External API has been extended to support the creation of a user. All of the functions that are supported through the web interface for Creation of User will be supported via the External API.


Changes coming to the Aconex Developer Network Forum.

As of October 30, we'll be decommissioning the Aconex Developer Network Forum. From this date, you'll be able to visit the new API News and Announcements. Read further information about the upcoming changes. 

Release dates schedule

The release dates for this cycle will be deployed as per schedule. Note this information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.

HK1: Oct-7AU2: Oct-7CN1: Oct-8US2: Oct-8MEA: Oct-9
US1: Oct-17EU1: Oct-17AU1: Oct-11UK1: Oct-12KSA1: Nov-18