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Release 20.11.100

Tasks arrive in Oracle Aconex Mobile, easily create similar issues in Field, new ways of looking at things in Models and Org Admins get some more control.

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This release is for you if you’re:

  • Someone who likes to stay on top of Tasks on the go
  • An inspector looking for more efficiency in creating issues
  • Working with 3D models and after a better way to report on design issues
  • Responsible for permissions in your organization

Release dates

We'll start the release on November 11, but it depends on what instance your project is on. Some items will be released during the 30-day release cycle. View schedule.

Release locations

All instances with the exception of KSA1 due to current infrastructure upgrade works.


What's new

Actions travel with you - Tasks arrive on Oracle Aconex Mobile.

Tasks for your mail and documents are now available on your mobile device. Now it's easier to keep track of items requiring your action wherever you are.

If you haven't yet made the switch to our new app, now is a good time to install it. We encourage you to start planning your transition to the new app, as support for the Mail and Docs app will be discontinued, and removed from the store by mid-2021.

tasks in mobile


What's new

Easy copying and editing of issues.

If you’ve ever had the monotonous joy of creating many similar but slightly different issues, we’ve saved you some time.

We’ve added a copy feature so that it's more convenient to create multiple similar issues. Basically, you can copy an existing issue and then edit the issue details as you like. Once you’re happy with the edits and save, it will create a new issue. For example, if you had the same issue on every level of your thirty-story building, you could make one issue, copy it, and then edit the level number.

copy issue


Improvements and fixes

Find inspections fast, with improved search and filtering.

  • Search for inspections by number or title.
  • Filter inspections by status (Open or Closed).



Improvements and fixes

  • Deactivating a package type is no longer permanent. Package types can now be reactivated for use.
  • Fixed scenarios that could prevent some packages from being closed or reopened.
  • Improved performance when creating or filtering a package with multi-select project fields.
  • Filter your project fields list by typing into the dropdown.
  • The preference 'Rename files on download to include Document Number and Revision' is now considered when exporting packages.
  • In some circumstances, renaming attachments caused special characters to be added to the title or filename. We've fixed that.
  • Pagination and filters added to Packages API.


Improvements and fixes

Understanding design issues at a glance.

We've improved the Design Issue export - now each issue comes with its accompanying snapshots in an extra column, making exports more informative and easier to read.

Orthogonal support for Revit and Navisworks plugin.

Design issues can now be created in the orthogonal view, so you no longer have to switch perspective to capture an issue using the plugin.


What's new

More power for Org admins. Disable guest accounts within your organization.

We've made it easier to keep your list of users tidy. Guests created under your organization can now be disabled from the User Accounts List. Select the guest account and click Disable. Easy.

Allow other users to reset 2SV enrollment.

Ever had to reset 2-Step Verification for a user because they lost their phone or purchased a new tablet? Found it annoying that only you could do this for them? Well, now you can grant this responsibility to other members of your organization, so you have more time in your day.
Grant 2-Step Verification - Reset Enrollment to a role via User Role Configuration, and assign away. Learn how to reset 2-Step Verification (2SV) for a user in your organization.

Improvements and fixes

User Role housekeeping.

We've taken the opportunity to rename and organize some permissions:

  • Renamed Login using 2-Step Verification to 2-Step Verification.
  • Renamed Login using Single Sign-On to Single Sign-On.
  • Grouped these permissions under a new Login heading.



What's new

FULL search in Mail and Documents now retired.
As announced, we are now finalizing the retirement of these API features. Please ensure your scripts and integrations have been updated to accommodate these changes. Read recommended ways to replace the deprecated FULL search in Mail and Documents API.

Developer Forum decommissioned.
On Oct 30th, the API Forum was decommissioned and replaced with API News and Announcements.
For Bug Reports, Developer Support and Feature Requests – we're still available for you. Just get in touch via Contact Us and choose the relevant Issue Type.

Release schedule

We take a staggered approach when rolling out features and improvements to each instance. This means that on the release date, you may not see all updates immediately. Features are progressively rolled-out over a 30-day period, starting from the indicated release dates.

HK1: Nov-18 AU2: Nov-11 CN1: Nov-12 US2: Nov-19 MEA: Nov-13
US1: Nov-14 EU1: Nov-21 AU1: Nov-15 UK1: Nov-16 KSA1: Nov-18

This information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.

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