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Release 20.12.100

Additional document filters in Oracle Aconex Mobile, more freedom in Cost, and a new color scheme for Aconex.

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This release is for you if you:

  • regularly search for documents on the go
  • create new users for your organization
  • work with connected contracts and want more flexibility
  • manage incremental contract changes

Release dates

We'll start the release on December 9, but it depends on what instance your project is on. Some items will be released during the 30-day release cycle. View schedule.

Release locations

All instances.


What's new

A new look for Aconex

We're excited to introduce a new look for Oracle Aconex, including updated colors and icons. This is a part of our new design direction at Oracle.

Although Aconex will look different, rest assured everything is where you would normally find it.

As you navigate through Aconex, you'll notice 

  • Fresh, modern UI
  • Improved color contrast
  • Reduced visual noise (e.g. less boxes and lines)



Improvements and fixes

Placeholders can now be used in a Workflow process. This allows you to prepare document metadata and use a review process to request the corresponding file.


What's new

Find Documents in no time - full document filtering and sorting now on Oracle Aconex Mobile.

Enjoy a more comprehensive search in mobile. The full set of document filters available on Aconex are now available in the app too.

Learn how to search for documents in the mobile app.


What's new

Duplicate pay items for a simplified workflow

You might be familiar with this scenario - something on the project changes, and it affects a single contract pay item in multiple ways.

We've updated Cost so that pay items can now be entered multiple times, allowing for incremental changes. You no longer have to manually consolidate changes into one item. Each time you add an item it will be given a unique identifying number, so it's easy to keep track. Learn more

Removing the barriers to contract freedom

Enjoy more flexibility with connected contracts.

We've removed some restrictions for contracts that are connected, but not yet shared. This means you can create payment applications and contract changes without fuss. Once you're done, you can share with your downstream organization whenever it suits you.

unshared cost contract


Improvements and fixes

Reducing menu clutter - global policies moved

We've incorporated the Aconex global policies into the terms of service, rather than taking up valuable space on the Setup menu.

Clarifying new user visibility 

In Release 19.12 we introduced a change where new users need to actively choose to be visible in the global directory. To make this process clear, we've tweaked the user creation experience. If you have permission to create a user, you'll be advised of the steps they need to take to become visible in the Global Directory.

invite a new user

new user confirmation

Release schedule

We take a staggered approach when rolling out features and improvements to each instance. This means that on the release date, you may not see all updates immediately. Features are progressively rolled-out over a 30-day period, starting from the indicated release dates.

HK1: Dec-16 AU2: Dec-9 CN1: Dec-17 US2: Dec-10 MEA: Dec-11
KSA1: Dec-11 US1: Dec-12 EU1: Dec-12 AU1: Dec-13 UK1: Dec-14

This information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.

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