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Release 2.1

Register email against mail types that use Mail Details.

This release includes a range of enhancements that give Aconex for Outlook more of the standard Aconex Mail functionality.

From sending mail to distribution groups, to easily identifying confidential mail in your Inbox, Aconex for Outlook is now easier to use.

Importantly, this release ensures that Aconex for Outlook allows you to register email against Aconex mail types that contain Mail Details, which integrates Aconex for Outlook even more closely with Mail in our main application.

General enhancements

  • You can now register emails to mail types that contain Mail Details.

  • The Register Mail page and its content can now be resized.

  • When you create a Mail using Aconex for Outlook, you can now choose Distribution Groups as recipients.

  • Confidential Mails are now easily identifiable in the Inbox view.

  • Updating project information no longer clears the Matched User list used in the mail registration process.

  • We've provided clearer messages to those attempting to log into Aconex for Outlook when their password has changed.

  • When you're searching for documents to attach to a mail, if you clear the filter criteria, you can now run another search.

Bug fixes

  • We removed the duplicate "Re" and "Fwd" prefixes that were being added to Mails to which users replied, or which they forwarded.
  • We fixed a minor bug related to 2-Step Verification, which left some users unable to log in.
  • We also made minor bug fixes related to proxy management.