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Release 21.03.100

The new document search becomes your default search, Cost introduces new statuses for change events,
plus we've made it easier to send issue reports from your mobile.

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This release is for:

  • All users of Aconex who want to find their documents fast
  • Field inspectors who regularly capture similar issues 
  • Cost Administrators who import and export Change Events

Release dates

We'll start the release on March 26, but it depends on what instance your project is on. Some items will be released during the 30-day release cycle. View schedule

Release locations

All instances.


What's new

Standardizing the powerful new search

We've listened to your feedback and worked hard to improve the new document search over several months. With all the extra features added since we first introduced it, we're confident it's now the only search you need to find your documents fast. As such, we're setting it as your default search view for Documents.

There's lots to love about the new search:

  • More results - We’ve maximized screen space and reduced clutter, allowing for more results visible on your screen. As you scroll through your results, the column heading will always be visible for easy reference.
  • More freedom - Drag and drop columns to help you see the most important information when you search. Pin your favorites to the left. 
  • Personalized for you - Pin filters relevant for you, so they're always visible. We'll remember your setup next time you log in.
  • Faster filtering - Select multiple values from drop-down lists, eliminating the need for complex search strings. Pinned filters appear as filter chips so you can quickly refine your search without opening the full filters panel.

You can still switch back to the classic search, but we'll soon remove this option, so please make sure to let us know the features you want to see by clicking 'Tell us what you think'. 

Learn more about the new search

The new doc search

Improvements and fixes

A new look for drag and drop

The drag and drop interface for Multi File Upload has been updated in line with our new color scheme. The Choose Files button is now a +, allowing you to select files from your computer. The upload functionality remains the same. This update also appears in Packages when uploading attachments.

Drag and drop in documents


Improvements and fixes

Threads in packages

We've made admin a little easier - you'll no longer need to manually add incoming mail on relevant threads to packages. Any incoming mail that contains a package reference will now be automatically linked to your package. This also means there won't be duplication in the package reference.

A new look for drag and drop

The drag and drop interface for uploading attachments has been updated in line with our new color scheme. The Choose Files button is now a +, allowing you to pick files from your computer. The upload functionality remains the same. 


Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users from uploading more than 25 documents during a bulk upload.
  • The document title and revision were showing incorrectly in few languages – we’ve fixed it so that they’re showing correctly.


What's new

Copy Issues on the go

Creating similar issues on your mobile device gets easier. You can now copy an issue by swiping across an issue and selecting Copy. Alternatively, you can tap on more options (three dots menu) directly from an issue and Copy. If you are using an Android device, you'll need to swipe from right to left to see the copy option.

Copy issues in mobile with swipe
Copy issues in mobile with menu

Improvements and fixes

Send exported issues directly from the PDF

We've reduced the steps required to send an issues list. You can now send exported PDFs directly as a mail attachment by tapping on more options (three dots menu) and then Send with Mail. You no longer need to separately download the file to your device to send it.

Send exports with mail


What's new

Granular insights into your budget and cost impacts

We've split the Status for Change Events and Change Event Items into two separate values, allowing you to track budget and cost impacts independently. You'll now see Budget Status and Cost Status as separate columns.

Note: existing reports and integrations will need to be updated to accommodate the new statuses.


  • Update your change event reports: If you've used the status column in your change event reports you'll need to specifically select budget status and cost status as display options in all reports and save the new settings. If status was used in summary, grouping, or filtering, those definitions will need to be redefined and saved as well. Upon opening each report, you'll be prompted with instructions to update them.
  • Update your data import templates: If you import change event data into Cost you'll need to update your templates with the new statuses. 
  • Update your API integrations: Integrations with other applications may need to be updated to accommodate the new statuses.

For more details see Separating Budget and Cost Status for Change Events

New budget and cost status columns in cost

Improvements and fixes

A couple of minor bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where extended field content at the end of one report page caused row values to be repeated
  • All mails can now be displayed on the change impact review screen

Adding clarity to summary columns

We've renamed the existing summary columns (Approved, Proceed, Pending, etc) to make it clear which summary values relate to Contract Changes. This also allows for more specific summary columns to be added in the future.

Cost summary columns renamed


    Improvements and fixes

    Retiring redundant Fax-In and Mail-In features.

    After quite a few years of inactivity, it's time to say farewell to two of our older features. We've retired the Fax-In and Mail-In options that were situated in Setup > Project Settings > Addresses. 

    Release schedule

    We take a staggered approach when rolling out features and improvements to each instance. This means that on the release date, you may not see all updates immediately. Features are progressively rolled-out over a 30-day period, starting from the indicated release dates below.
    We can’t guarantee a global rollout of features across instances within the same timeframe. Features that are not available on all instances are listed here

    AU1: Mar-28
    AU2: Mar-31
    CA1: Mar-27
    CN1: Apr-22
    EU1: Mar-27
    HK1: Apr-28
    KSA1: Mar-26
    MEA: Mar-26
    UK1: Mar-29
    US1: Mar-28
    US2: Mar-31

    This information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.

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