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Release 21.05.100

In this release, you get more power in Docs, the Viewer gets a whole new look and some great new tools, Mobile gets some useful enhancements plus much more.

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This release is for you if you’re:

  • spending a lot of time creating access rules in Docs
  • a user who'd appreciate some extra tools in the Viewer
  • enjoying our new Daily Reports feature

Release dates

We'll start the release on May 10, but it depends on what instance your project is on. Some items will be released during the 30-day release cycle. View schedule

Release locations

All instances.


What's new

Your requirements, our tools. Define rules using access control with support for multiple fields.

We’ve made it easier for a user or user group to access documents as defined by your project requirements. You’ll now be able to define access to document sets by using multiple fields in a rule. This means you’ll have fewer rules to create, and more control over the project’s documents. 

Navigate to Setup > Configure Access Control > Create Rule.

Adding rules for access control

Improvements and fixes

Making it easier for you to see and access your saved searches.

The Saved Searches drop-down menu will no longer appear in the top right corner. You’ll now see it on the left navigation pane (My Searches), with your saved searches appearing collapsed. Simply click on your favorite search, and your results will appear in the viewing pane.  

Adding rules for access control


What's new

Measurements, stamps, embedded attachments, and a fresh new look.

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made some improvements to the Viewer with a suite of new tools to enhance your document reviews. This includes the ability to attach other files in the PDF document, a measuring tool so you can accurately measure areas and trace perimeters in drawings and lots more.

Measurement tool
Measure length, perimeter, and area within your drawing. Measurements are added as an annotation that you can comment on. Make sure you set the appropriate scale for your drawing, so your measurements are accurate.

Attach files from your computer into the PDF document, so your team can quickly reference important information, directly from the review. You can have up to 5MB per attachment.

Rubber stamps
Easily add pre-set or custom stamps. Pre-set stamps can be customized with a range of colors and styles.

Signature stamp
Create your free-hand signature in a new and easy way. Add it to the page as an annotation.

Copy and paste multiple markups
Multiple mark-ups can be now be copied and pasted on any page in a document.

Undo and redo
Faster undo/redo options.

Markup status
Pre-defined status can be set to any markup.

Learn more about reviewing documents

The new viewer UI

New look viewer

Improvements and fixes

And a few more things.

  • You’ll notice we’ve updated the user interface for the Workflow review page, which includes a wider frame for document displays. Now you can see more of your document without scrolling.
  • Overall performance improvements with faster loading times for documents.
  • Wider font support for documents. If we don't have the font in our library, we'll match it to the closest available font family.
  • Increased Bookmark and layering support so you can save pages for review or markup and come back to them when it suits you.
  • Counter badge for individual markups to help you track changes.

Reviewing made simple.

You can now list document properties inside the Workflow viewer which makes it easier for you to compare reviews with other users.

Remember that to access these features, you'll need the appropriate Viewer and Workflow permissions:

  • Mark up files in a document review process
  • Review a workflow

Note: Not available on US2

Document properties in the Viewer


What's new

Daily reporting just got easier. Send direct as an attachment from wherever you are.

In Release 21.04, we introduced sending documents as mail attachments. As of this release, you’re now able to share Daily Reports as a mail attachment as well. This makes it easier for project teams to have important site information so they can get on with their work.


Input. Search. Results. Find inspections faster with inspection numbers.

We’ve now made mobile search better than ever before. Find the exact inspection you’re looking for with the inspection number, and your result will appear in seconds. This means no more scrolling through irrelevant inspections, and more time to get on with your project.


Unsaved and Errored Out items now highlighted on your device.

The total count of unsaved items or items with errors will be highlighted on your device. We’ve also included a link to help you identify and resolve the errors, so you'll know what's holding you up and how to fix it. You’ll see these highlighted items on your home page, the issues and inspections tabs, and as a prompt if you’re logging out. Make sure you address the issues to avoid losing your valuable work.

Note: Not available on AU2 or US2

Example of an error message


What's new

Make more sense out of menus.

We've renamed the secured assets with improved language and also re-ordered them to make it easier for admins to understand the secured assets structure.

Before and after

Admin → Design Issue Administrator

Create Issue → Create Design Issues

Create Sets → Create Issue Set

Note: Not available on AU2 or US2

Old and new models menu


Improvements and fixes

The recently released "Threads in packages" feature was not performing as expected, so we've removed this feature from all instances. You'll now be required to manually link mail to your package where appropriate. We apologize for any inconvenience.


What's new

Earned Value Management – new calculated columns.

We’ve added earned value management calculated columns to Connected Cost. Cost Performance Index (CPI), Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and To Complete Performance Index (TCPI) Calculated columns are now available for use on Variance Analysis and Cost Worksheet pages.


Change Events and Change Event Items – new summary columns.

Check out our new calculated summary columns for change events and change event items. After renaming existing contract change summary columns in our last release, we’ve added new ones to specifically summarize change event values. These are read-only columns that consider cost and budget status for communicating values. The totals within each change event item simply roll up to the related column at the parent level. These columns are available to view on change event grids and reports.

New columns:

Potential Budget Transfers
Displays the budget transfer amount for the change event item(s) when the budget status is potential

Potential Budget Changes
Displays the budget change amount for the change event item(s) when the budget status is potential

Approved Budget Transfers
Displays budget transfer amount for the change event item(s) when the budget status is approved

Approved Budget Changes
Displays the budget change amount for the change event item(s) when the budget status is approved

Potential ETC Changes: Displays the cost change amount for the change event item(s) when the cost status is potential AND there is no contract defined

Approved ETC Changes
Displays the cost change amount for the change event item(s) when the cost status is approved AND there is no contract defined

Potential Contract Change Events
Displays the cost change amount for the change event item(s) when the cost status is potential AND there is a contract defined AND there is no Contract Change linked

Approved Contract Change Events
Displays the cost change amount for the change event item(s) when the cost status is approved AND there is a contract defined AND there is no Contract Change linked

Note: If you’re using Custom view, you’ll need to add the desired columns. If you’re using Default view, you’ll see these columns on your worksheet.

Note: Not available on AU2 or US2

new cost summary columns


Improvements and fixes

Previously, hyphenated names weren’t searchable when using the Project Invite User tool. You can now search with a hyphen, and add the desired search result to the project.

The Lobby

What's new

Improving entry for everyone into The Lobby

If you haven’t tried The Lobby yet, we’ve made it easier for you to do so. Enjoy a single username and password for all your Oracle Aconex accounts, even if you’re working across multiple instances. You’ll also be able to access other Oracle Construction and Engineering products with the same details.

  • Click on the link in the Setup menu to create an Oracle Construction and Engineering account
  • Confirm your details and then set a password in the IDCS (Oracle Identity Cloud Service) product that backs the Lobby
  • Once set up, you can sign in to your Oracle Aconex projects through

Remember, if you have more than one Oracle Aconex account, you’ll need to link them to the same Construction and Engineering account in The Lobby.

If your organization is using SSO, you won’t be able to use The Lobby for now, but we’ll let you know as soon as this changes.

Note: Not available on AU2 or US2

Note: Will be available by 28th May 2021

Create an Oracle Construction and Engineering Account

Create your account


What's new

Aconex GraphQL APIs for Field and Cost are now available on AU1 and EU1. 

Read the documentation

Note: Only on AU1 and EU1







Release schedule

We take a staggered approach when rolling out features and improvements to each instance. This means that on the release date, you may not see all updates immediately. Features are progressively rolled-out over a 30-day period, starting from the indicated release dates below.

We can’t guarantee a global rollout of features across instances within the same timeframe. Features that are not available on all instances are listed here.

AU1: May-16
AU2: May-12
CA1: May-10
CN1: May-13
EU1: May-15
HK1: May-12
KSA1: May-14
MEA: May-14
UK1: May-31
US1: May-12
US2: May-16

This information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.


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