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Release 21.07.100

In this release, there's a whole new intuitive document upload experience in Documents. We've got updates for the Viewer, Mobile and Cost,
as well as a big release for Field, so read on to find out more.

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This release is for you if you’re:

  • keen to save yourself lots of time with document uploads
  • someone who's been waiting for punchlists to arrive in Oracle Aconex
  • hoping to share the load with Daily Reports
  • setting up Field areas.

Release dates

We'll start the release on July 21, but it depends on what instance your project is on. Some items will be released during the 30-day release cycle. View schedule.

Release locations

All instances with the exception of MEA due to current infrastructure upgrade works.


What's new

Delivering a faster upload experience.

Need to upload some documents? Not sure which menu to select? Short on time? 

We’re excited to introduce one simple, intuitive and consistent way to register and update documents.

What to expect:

  • Fewer clicks to register your documents. Add Documents or Placeholders directly from search results. Upload actions are clear and intuitive.
  • Fast metadata extraction. Details such as title, revision, and document number are automatically populated from the filename, saving time from manual input.
  • Asynchronous upload. Start entering document information while your files upload in the background. You no longer need to wait for all uploads to complete before starting the metadata entry.
  • Easy import from Excel. Drop a metadata template spreadsheet directly from the upload screen to pre-fill metadata, eliminating the complex bulk processing flow from the past.

Ready to begin? Here's how to opt-in.

  1. From the navigation menu, click Documents.
  2. From the banner, click Try Now.
  3. Enjoy the new experience! Make sure you tell us what you think so we can continue to improve these new features.

Watch the video and see the new upload experience in action

The menu with upload experience

Get started from the banner in the Documents menu


Unified upload experience

The new upload experience

Improvements and fixes

Flexibility for your document visibility.

Need to restrict access to documents within your organization?  Access Control rules now include the AND operator, along with the existing OR condition.

Note: Only one operator can be chosen per rule.

New document access rules


Improvements and fixes

We've fixed two bugs:

  • The Options button was missing when adding a new select list mail field.
  • The arrow was pointing upwards in the scroll bar (it shouldn't have been doing that).


What's new

Always by your (right-hand) side.

We've listened to your feedback, and now workflow steps details are out of the pop-up format and back in your right-hand side panel in the Online Viewer. You'll notice it's easier to see comments from other people, which can help you with your own review.

Workflow steps in the right-hand panel

Improvements and fixes

Stamp of approval.

We've updated the custom stamp date format so that it reads in long-form (mmm/dd/yyyy) rather than dd/mm/yyyy. This update won't reflect on existing timestamps, only new ones you create after the feature release.

The new and old date formats


What's new

Packing more into AU2.

Good news! Packages is now available on our AU2 instance.


What's new

The issues at task.

Based on your feedback, we've made a change so that you have better visibility over your Field issues. Now your open and outstanding issues will show up for your project on the Tasks page. From the Tasks page, you can tap into the menu to see specific issues and their details.

Don't have the app? Get Oracle Aconex Mobile.

Issues in the Tasks page on Mobile


What's new

Knock-out punchlists.

We've introduced punchlists to Aconex Field, so you can bring your all-important pre-handover inspection processes into Aconex. Punchlists will let you group a set of related issues so you can capture, manage, share and track them from one single view.

  • Punchlists can be shared across multiple organizations on your project.
  • Users can add new issues to punchlists or add pre-existing ones.
  • Issues will continue to exist in the main issues list as well.
  • Easy monitoring and management with completion percentage tracking.
  • Move or copy issues from one punchlist to another.
  • Simple bulk issue management (editing assignee, moving issues, exporting to PDF etc.).

Learn more about using punchlists

Reporting on your behalf in Daily Reports. New user roles and multiple reports.

We’ve made it easier for project participants to report on their activities with new user roles for Daily Reports. This means more support for multiple reports and more accuracy for on-site activities. Daily Reports are only available to one organization on a project.

Go to Field settings > Your organization.

The new user roles are:

  • Report admin - Start, modify and submit any Report Owner's Daily Reports.
  • Report owner - Start, modify and submit Daily Reports, but can't start and modify other Report Owner’s reports.
  • Report contributor - Start and modify Report Owner’s Daily Reports, but can't submit a report.
  • Observer (default) - View all reports owned by any user role on the project, but can't start, modify, submit or reopen any Report Owner's Daily Report.


  • These features are available on the web and Oracle Aconex Mobile.
  • These features currently aren't available on CA1 instance.

Punchlists in Field


User roles in Daily Reports

User roles in Daily Reports

Improvements and fixes

Fulfilling your projects requirements. Project Admins can now set up area hierarchy. 

Project Admins can now set up the area hierarchy for a project, without our assistance. What’s more, setting up the area is no longer a prerequisite to capture issues and inspections. This is particularly useful for Bulk area uploads, which will save you a lot of time.

Our easy, intuitive guide will get you set up in no time. Navigate to Field > Areas > Areas and sub-areas > Add Areas and select Import areas using Excel. Don’t worry if you don’t have the correct format - you can download the Area template when prompted.

Learn more

Filtering out the clutter. Find inspections by the creator’s name.

Roll call – you can now find inspections faster by searching the inspection creator’s name. The new Created by filter in the panel will show a list of inspectors who’ve created an inspection, and you can then select the desired inspection in the navigation pane. Note that the list may also include shared and assigned inspections. Names are displayed in the following format <First Name Last Name> <(Org Trade Name)>.

Note: These features are only available on the web app.

Set up areas in Field

Setting up area hierarchy in Field


Filter by creator name

Filter by creator name


What's new

Revit rollout.

Our Revit format capability update is now available on CN1 and HK1.

Find out more by checking out our Models update from 21.4 Release Notes.


What's new

New reporting columns for earned value management.

Our newly introduced earned value management calculated columns on the cost worksheet are now available for reporting. Cost Performance Index (CPI), Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and To Complete Performance Index (TCPI) Calculated columns are now available for use in the cost worksheet report. These columns are available for cost and hours-based calculations. 

Learn more about working with Cost

New reporting columns for earned value management

Improvements and fixes

Reducing errors when importing or deleting.

  • Updated error message when importing a file containing special characters, ensuring you import using UTF-8 format.
  • Added a step when deleting configured fields to reduce accidental deletion. You now need to check the box to confirm you really want to delete that field.

Minor bug fixes.

  • The Internal Pay Item No. column now properly displays the correct field data on contract change pay items reports. It was previously populated with the Pay Item No. instead of the Internal Pay Item No.
  • Links in subgrids are now working properly. Previously, they were failing to open records.
  • The display order of reporting period columns on the cost worksheet - time-phased data tab has been fixed. The period columns were sometimes being displayed out of order when using the Period Range filter.
  • Fixed a real-time update issue where updates for direct actuals were failing to return ETC/EAC Amount.
  • Performance issues were reported when importing large datasets to the direct actuals grid using the delete existing option. Performance on the large import files improved by 80%.


What's new

More subjects in Reports.

  • We've added Mail Forms as a supporting subject area of Mail, allowing for many new report types to be created, such as an NEC report. Simply select Mail Forms from the data model editor and report away!
  • Historical data (all document revisions and versions) can now be selected when choosing Document as the main subject area. We'll also include document historical data when it's chosen as a supporting subject area.
  • Single record printable reports in Cost now have the Control Accounts subject area.

Improvements and fixes

Speaking your language.
Multilingual support has been added to the standard report listing page (name and description columns of the table) in the following locales:

  • Japanese
  • French
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German.

Minor bug fixes.
In the Document subject area, Vendor Reference No. attribute was not showing any values in the report. This is fixed.

Save time with reusable layouts.

Reuse report layouts created with the online editor for other reports across different projects. From the layout editor, download the template (layout) as an XPT file to your computer. Then upload it as a layout to use for your other reports. Learn more

The Lobby

What's new

The Lobby says hello to SSO.

We're now welcoming SSO (single sign-on) users to The Lobby. You'll notice a banner on the Tasks and Account details screens, making it easy to sign up for The Lobby.

Find out more about The Lobby


Improvements and fixes

We're constantly working to improve the performance of our services. While many of these works are completed behind the scenes, each step helps us deliver a better experience for all our users. Over the last few months, we've been working on a few things:

  • Database query optimisations.
  • Improved the efficiency of queries that refer to a large list of variables.
  • Optimised queries relating to document registration from transmittals.
  • Completed the UK1 datacentre migration.
  • Upgraded the indexer hardware and memory on KSA1.
  • Upgraded the application server memory on AU1.
  • Deployed enhanced intra service communication to UK1.

Release schedule

We take a staggered approach when rolling out features and improvements to each instance. This means that on the release date, you may not see all updates immediately. Features are progressively rolled out over a 30-day period, starting from the indicated release dates below. We can’t guarantee a global rollout of features across instances within the same timeframe. Features that are not available on all instances are listed here. This information is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change without notice. 

AU1: Jul-25
AU2: Jul-22
CA1: Jul-25
CN1: Jul-22
EU1: Jul-24
HK1: Jul-21
KSA1: Jul-23
UK1: Jul-26
US1: Jul-24
US2: Jul-23

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