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Release notes for Smart Manuals -

This month's updates makes it quicker to launch Smart Manuals, and easier for you to run the sync process.

In this release you can find out about changes to existing Smart Manuals functionality and new features such as:

  • Update docs using the new sync button
  • Downloading all documents in only two clicks.

Faster Dynamic Manual launch

Until this release, when you launched Smart Manuals Dynamic, it would automatically sync data from Aconex and then open the application. This increased the amount of time taken to open Smart Manuals, which varied depending on how many Handover documents had to be synched in Aconex. 

As of this release Smart Manuals opens as soon as you log in, thereby saving you time and the need to wait for it to start. You can now sync the data using the new Sync button - you can find out more about that below.

The old version of Smart Manuals Dynamic when initially launched.

New Sync button lets you choose when to update your data

Before this release, if you wanted to sync new documents into the manual, you had to close the application and re-open it to force the syncing process. Which was, at least, inconvenient.

Now you can choose when to run this process using the new Sync button. When you select this, any new Handover documents are added to the manual without the application closing. You can't work on the manuals until the sync process has finished.

The new sync button,

When you initially launch Smart Manuals, you'll see the Latest Update window, which has details such as the last time sync was ran, and if there were any new docs ready to be synched. It also walks you through the sync process. Once you're happy with the new process, you can close this window permanently by selecting Do not show this pop-up again.

The Latest Update window.

Downloading documents and scanning drawings

We've also added a couple more features that will speed up completing your tasks.

  • Download all documents - this downloads all of the Project Handover documents into your folder structure.
  • Scan all drawings - use this to scan the available drawings for assets, to create hotspots.
The Download all documents and Scan all drawings options.

Note: before you scan all drawings, you have to tag assets to a service first.

The Assets window and list.

Checking sync activities

If you need to know when the last time the sync process was run, or how many new documents there are available to sync, then we've made it easy for you to find this info. You can find this information to the right of the Sync button. Note that the count shown for New Documents Available for Sync is based on number of new documents available in the Docs Register, and not the existing superseded documents.

Checking sync activities in the toolbar.