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Release Notes for Smart Manuals -

In this release, we've enhanced Smart Manuals by grouping features and removed syncing assets from startup to make the application open faster. 

In this release, you can find out about changes to existing Smart Manuals functionality and new features such as:

  • Grouped features to make it easier to find what you’re looking for on the interface
  • Removed syncing assets and documents from startup to make the application open faster
  • Ability to search for text in PDF documents

Grouped features to make it easier to find what you're looking for

We’ve grouped relevant features on the user interface to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. You’ll now see all features grouped under the following headings:

  • Tools
  • Sync Details
  • Sync, Download & Scan
  • Find
  • App Settings
  • Support
  • Logout
User interface screenshot.

Giving you a faster Smart Manuals

In the previous release, syncing assets and documents would run automatically, slowing the application start time. We’ve now removed syncing assets and documents from startup to make the application faster, and now opens within seconds.

In Sync with you

You now have the power to sync important documents and assets from the web when it’s convenient for you. To do this, click on the Sync button located in Sync, Download & Scan.

You’ll also be able to easily follow the progress in Sync Details, which includes information like the Last Sync date, and the number of New Documents to Sync.

Note: to open documents without internet access after completing Sync, you will need to use the Download all Documents button located in the Sync, Download & Scan menu.

Sync Details and Sync, Download & Scan menu

Handing over more settings and filters

You can now use and change Handover Attributes, up to two levels, in the Handover Section. We’ve also added the option to Include Numeric Assets to be identified when scanning drawings.

Note: the left navigation pane tree structure will be built based on your chosen attributes.

Handover Section menu.
The left navigation pane tree structure.

Sync and download only the most important documents from Aconex Project. You can now change the Project Filter which enables Smart Manuals to sync and download based on your selected filters.

Available filters:

  • Asset Ref
  • Building
  • Category
  • Contract No
  • Discipline
  • Handover Section
  • Level
  • Required for Handover
The Project Filter menu.

Find what you’re looking for with Search Text in PDF Docs

Ever remember reading something but couldn’t recall from which document? We’ve added a new Search Text in PDF Docs button that allows you to search the desired text from a selected discipline. Once the document is located, you’ll be able to open it with your local PDF reader.

Search Text in PDF Docs menu.

Better validation of assets

With the new Extract assets button, you’re able to extract the assets from a particular drawing and validate them with the assets list, available on Aconex for creating hotspots.

Extract assets menu.

Everything zipped in one place for easier reporting

We’ve made it easier than ever before to report errors. The new Send Error Report button will compile all the logs related to the error, zip it into a folder and attach the zip file in the mail client with basic project details.

Note: the zip file includes application related log files, pre-requisite check log files, and event log files.

Send Error Report menu.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Smart Manuals now uses TLS1.2 secure transport layer for getting information from the web
  • All log related information is encrypted
  • Improved accuracy of hotspot mapping for drawings
  • Up to 10 columns in the grid will be retained, even after restarting the application.