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Using Aconex Insights with workflows

Insights allows you to quickly assess the status of your workflows.

The bar chart above shows metrics about documents which are in workflows that are currently 'in progress'. In particular it categorizes these documents as either 'Overdue', 'At Risk', or 'On Schedule'.

  • RED – Overdue - this indicates that the assigned reviewer of the current step has missed the original due date of that step.
  • AMBER – At risk - this indicates that the step is not overdue but was started late (ie started after the previous step’s original due date) because the previous step was completed late.
  • BLUE – On schedule - the previous step was finished on or ahead of schedule and the current step has not reached its original due date.

If a document is in the sub-workflow, it will be counted twice at the project level. The Original due date is the date each step would be completed if all steps are completed on time.