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Using Google Chrome version 42? Change your settings to avoid Java errors

If you use Google’s Chrome browser, a recent update will affect your use of the Aconex:

  • online viewer

  • multi file upload tool

  • BIM module.

Google Chrome version 42 disables Java by default. To use this browser to access any of the Aconex functionality listed above, you’ll need to change the Java plugins setting in Chrome.

Here’s how:

  1. Type this address into your browser’s address bar:
Type in the address
  1. Find the Enable NPAPI configuration option. Click the Enable link.
The Enable link
  1. A Relaunch button appears on the configuration page. Click it.
Click Relaunch

That’s all you need to do.

If you’re still having trouble using these tools once you go through this process, have a look at the information on our Software Requirements page, or contact us.

If you’re accessing Aconex using another browser, check that your browser’s configured correctly: