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We're improving Aconex Mail

This month, Aconex Mail is getting a significant upgrade. It’s the latest in a long line of improvements that, if you're like most people and you've been using our new Mail module, you’ll already be enjoying. And it marks a turning point for those users who haven’t yet switched to the improved Aconex Mail.

New mail threading is launched

In response to feedback from users all over the world, we’ve improved mail threading to give you a better handle on your Mail in Aconex.

Most noticeably, we’ve moved the mail thread from the top of the page to the left-hand side. Now you can:

  • see more of the mail thread
  • keep the thread in view when you scroll to read mail
  • scroll the thread without scrolling the selected mail
  • hide the thread if you’re on a small-screen device like your phone.
The mail thread in action

But that’s not the only change. You now have a clear view of each mail’s status, the companies and individuals it was sent to, and how many attachments it has.

We’ll be finessing these changes in the coming months, so be sure to give us your feedback using the links on the new Compose and View Mail pages.

For full details on these enhancements, see our release notes.

Not using improved Mail? You will be soon

If you tried our improved Mail, then opted out — or you’re yet to give it a go — now’s the time to take a closer look.

To try out the new version, click the link in the header of any View Mail or Compose Mail page.

Since we launched improved Mail last year, we’ve made a range of improvements to the Compose and View Mail pages, constantly responding to users’ feedback and refining the application.

  • The Mail Type, Mail Number and Reference Number are easier to scan.
  • It’s easier to add recipients since we added the Directory search button.
  • Attributes are now found in the same place on the Compose and View Mail pages.
Aconex Mail

Before: The mail thread appears at the top of the View Mail page

Improved Aconex Mail

After: Aconex Mail now shows a more detailed mail thread on the left

As a result of these improvements, we’re now ready to retire the previous version of mail.

From the end of August, the previous version will no longer be available. So if you haven’t switched to our improved Mail module, click the link in the View or Compose Mail page header to try it now—and let us know what you think of it using the feedback links in Aconex!