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Widening the scope of Workflows

Aconex Project Administrators now have a tool to build their own review status sets for Workflows and Supplier Documents. They no longer need to rely on a single set that’s chosen at the start of the project.

This makes Workflows and Supplier Documents reviews much more flexible. Now project owners can tailor Workflows to a broader range of processes, to the specific items in review, and to the individuals reviewing them.

The possibilities are infinite.

Aconex provides a default set of Workflows Review Status Labels up front. But Administrators can create as many status sets as they like, and choose whether or not each one maps to a Document Status.

Creating a new status set

Creating a new Review Status Set

That means project owners can apply discipline-, contract-, and process-specific terminology to every review.

Aconex saves all the review status labels Administrators add, so you can reuse them in different status sets as you need to. The Administrator can also assign particular status sets to particular project roles, which gives you complete control over who uses status sets, and when.

Finally, users who set up Workflows and Supplier Documents templates get to choose which set of terminology will be used, and whether or not completed workflows should update the documents’ statuses in the Document Register.

Ultimately, this addition to Workflows and Supplier Documents makes these modules flexible enough to be applied across far more of your business processes.