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Aconex Release Notes and Updates

Read about new features and updates to Aconex.
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6 months 3 weeks ago

In this month's update, more improvements to the Document Search, retain your shared upload profiles settings and more.

7 months 3 weeks ago

In Part 2 of this month's update, speed up inspections in Field, high-resolution photos included in PDF inspection reports and more.

7 months 3 weeks ago

In Part 1 of this month's update, enjoy a faster and more powerful document search (thanks to your feedback!), easily access the latest Drawings in the Document Register and more.

8 months 1 week ago

In this month's update, keeping account details secure, plus reducing the administration burden when removing users.

9 months 1 week ago

In this month’s update, we've listened to your feedback and enhanced Documents search, made improvements to Project Fields and added more settings to Mail.

10 months 4 days ago

In this month's update, experience Models on Oracle Aconex Mobile, increased image size accepted in the Field web interface and more.

10 months 2 weeks ago

Steps that your email service provider or IT department can take to improve the receivability of emails from the Aconex platform.

11 months 3 days ago

In this month’s update, we have new configurations in Mail, added the ability to auto-populate document values and introduce optimized search with a new interface in Documents, upgraded to a new framework in Reports and applied enhancements in Cost.

11 months 2 weeks ago

We will be moving the US1 Aconex instance to new infrastructure, so your organization can benefit from upgraded, more flexible technology. This move will give you additional access to the governance and security controls available in Oracle Cloud. For more information about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, visit

11 months 3 weeks ago

This month, we've added support for Viewer, updated several features in Cost and given Packages API enhancements to Mail and Attachments.