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Enable SOC Subscription for your organization

Use Aconex’s Security Operations Center to strengthen your organization's security status

Aconex offers a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) which monitors and manages an organization's security capabilities, hardening the infrastructure and application against attack and adding new security features to help clients elevate their security in Aconex as required. This service is available to all clients. The optional SOC Subscription provides access to the SOC team, access to specific security-related reports and Event Streaming - providing clients with near real-time activity of their organization’s activity.

Enable SOC Subscription for your organization

The SOC Subscription is a complete package comprised of three deliverables – access to Aconex’s SOC team, Aconex security reports and Event Stream (Event Stream requires technical support and set-up).

To access the SOC Subscription, you need to be registered on the Australia/New Zealand instance. To do this follow the instructions here.

Once registered, speak to your Client Services representative to nominate users to act as point of contact for your organization.

Remember, you need to be registered on the Australia/New Zealand instance of Aconex to use SOC.

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