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What happens when the project ends?

Your project on Aconex has come to an end. What’s next?

Once a project is closed on Aconex, project participants won’t be able to access it. If you need to keep a copy of your project information, you can — with Aconex Project Archive.

If your organization has purchased a Project Archive for the project, you’ll be able to access your project information through it.

If not, you can purchase a fully searchable Project Archive by emailing: Archives at Aconex

Available with a choice of offline or online delivery, an Aconex Project Archive provides a secure, central record of all captured project information and communication.

Learn more about Project Archive here, or call the Service Desk.

If your company has purchased an online archive for a closed project that you need to access, please contact your Aconex Consultant or Service Desk to see if access can be arranged.

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