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Project suspension

Projects may be suspended on Aconex where the paying client fails to meet its contractual obligations to the platform provider.

The paying client is the organization that pays for all participants to manage their information on the platform.

One example of this would be failure to make agreed payments for the use of the service.

Although most users do not pay directly for access to Aconex, its use on a project relies on payment by one of the organizations involved.

These payments cover the cost of providing training, help desk support, hosting, product development, maintenance and other services on which all users rely.

Where an organization fails to make agreed payments, Aconex acts to protect its revenue base and the interests of the wider user community. 

This involves:

  • Issuing a number of written reminders that a payment is overdue
  • Making every effort (through our Accounts Receivable team) to contact the client by phone and email over a 45 day period to establish if there is any issue with the outstanding invoice(s)
  • Reviewing client accounts with representatives of our sales management team, who may be able to assist in resolving the situation

Only when all of these steps have been taken, and when payment is significantly overdue, will Aconex prepare to suspend a project on the platform. This involves providing notice to both the client and all other organizations on the project, as required by the Terms of Service. If the client further fails to make payment, and only as a last resort, can the decision be taken to suspend online access to the project. Note that project information is not deleted as a result of this action: it is only access to it that is suspended.

In our experience, suspension results in immediate payment of arrears in a high proportion of cases, in which case the project is immediately reactivated.

If your organization is affected by suspension of a project, please contact your local Aconex Service Desk to discuss options, such as purchase of an Archive of your project data. Enquiries about the failure of the paying client to meets its obligations should be directed to that organization.

Client relationships are key to the success of Aconex and we regret any inconvenience to participants on a project where the paying client has persistently refused to meet its obligations to Aconex.

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