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Bypassing Akamai to connect to Aconex

How to bypass Akamai

In rare circumstances some users will find Aconex faster if they connect directly to Aconex by bypassing Akamai’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) that Aconex provide as part of the standard service. These circumstances can include using a DNS located in a different geographical location or trying to use the CDN in a country with no coverage.

You can bypass Akamai by:

  • browsing to the https://origin-<instance> address. For example, if you normally connect to, you would connect to
  • changing the Akamai preference to turn off the web acceleration

Organization Administrators can change the Akamai preference for their organization and users can do this individually by navigating to Preferences via the Setup menu and changing the value of Turn off Akamai web acceleration as shown below:

Uncheck Access Protocol

Need more technical information about Akamai?

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