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Troubleshoot Java errors in Firefox

Seeing Java errors? Follow these steps.
  1. Log out of Aconex.
  2. Check that you’re using supported versions of Firefox and Java. If you’re not, download them here.

You may need help from your internal IT department to do this. If you can’t upgrade your browser or Java to a version that’s support by Aconex see this page for extra help.

  1. Clear your browser history.

  2. Check that Java is enabled in your browser:

    1. Click the Settings icon.

The Firefox Settings menu
  1. Click Add-ons. You’ll see two entries for Java:

    • Java Deployment Toolkit. Select Never Activate from the dropdown on this entry.

    • Java Platform Next Generation Java Plugin. Select Always Activate for this entry.

Firefox Add-ons
  1. Close the Add-ons Manager tab in your browser.

  1. Add Java to your computer’s Exception Sites List.

  2. Enable Java content in your browser.

    1. Go to the Start menu on your computer.

    2. Select Control Panel.

    3. Click Java.

    4. Click the Security tab.

    5. Select Enable Java content in the browser.

    6. Click Apply, then OK.

  3. Clear the Java cache:

    1. Go to the Start menu on your computer.

    2. Select Control Panel.

    3. Click Java.

The Control Panel
  1. Click the General tab.
  2. Under Temporary Internet Files, click the Settings button.
Click Settings
  1. Click Delete Files.
Click Delete
  1. Check the box next to Installed applications and applets, then click OK.

Deleting the cache
  1. The popup will close when the cache is cleared.

  2. Close any other popups.

Now, log back into Aconex and use the online viewer or multi file upload.

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