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Web browsers and operating systems supported by Aconex

We support the most popular web browsers and the most recent operating systems.


We provide full support for:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

We also provide limited support for:

  • Mac OSX
  • Linux

Mobile phones, iPads, and other mobile devices:

For the best experience on iOS and Android, download Oracle Aconex Mobile.

Web browsers

Main ApplicationModel Explore & Model CoordinationOnline ViewerCostNotes
MS EdgeFull supportFull supportFull supportFull Support
MS IE11Full supportNot supportedFull supportNot supported
Firefox (Main Release)Full supportFull supportFull supportFull support
Firefox (Extended Support Release)Full supportFull supportFull supportLimited supportMore information
Chrome (Stable Release Channel)Full supportFull supportFull supportFull supportMore information
Versions of Chrome and Firefox to 1 year oldLimited supportLimited support

Configure your web browser

Use these guides to configure your web browser for best performance. You can also find instructions to clear the cookies and cache. This keeps your browser running smoothly and can help to prevent errors.

Why don't we support older browsers and operating systems?

We use advanced web technologies that provide the best user experience in the more recently released web browsers and operating systems. It is also impractical to test all Aconex functionality in each release against more than the fully supported set defined above.

The list of fully support web browsers, and operating systems, will change over time. Aconex will remove support when the manufacturer of the browser or operating system no longer supports that version. 

Java is no longer required to use the main Aconex web application, however other applications such as Project Archive and Scheduled Archive, will require an appropriate version of Java to be installed.

What does "full support" mean?

The entire Aconex product is tested against this software. 

We will provide full support for our application when you're using this software.

What does "limited support" mean?

We don't test new releases against this software.

We will provide support for any security issues and critical issues affecting Mail and Documents.

Other modules and products may not function correctly and are not supported. However, previous releases of Aconex were tested against this software and current versions may continue to work now.

We consider it a critical issue when there’s a significant impact on a large number of our users.

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