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Change your password expiry

Set the password expiry for your Aconex account

We take security seriously. To help keep your system data safe and protected, all Oracle Aconex users must change their password at least every 6 months (or more frequently depending on your project or organization settings).

  1. Click Setup on the Module Menu and under User, click Account Details.
account details
  1. Click the Administration tab.
  1. Next to Access Rule click the dropdown and change your password expiry.

Expire 6 months - Password expiry 6 months, 5 incorrect password attempts
Expire 60 days - Password expiry 60 days, 5 incorrect password attempts
Expire 45 days - Password expiry 45 days, 5 incorrect password attempts

access rule

Don’t see all the options? Your minimum password expiry can be restricted within your Organization (by your Organization Administrator), or for projects you are working on (by the Project Administrator).

  1. Click Save.

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