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Changing your visibility in the Global Directory

Making yourself visible or hidden in the Global Directory.

As an Aconex user you can limit who can see your details in the Global Directory by hiding yourself. You can do this even if you are the Org Admin who registered your org in Aconex initially – assuming your org has more than one user added already. 

However, you should note that:

  • You can still be seen by other users from your own org. This means they are able to invite you to other projects.
  • Org admins can also hide and un-hide you in the Global Directory.
  • Org admins can still see your details.

Org Admin/first user

If you're responsible for registering a new organization in Aconex, you also have to create the first user/org admin. This user is visible by default, to ensure the organization can be invited to projects. This is explained on the Org Registration screen which you'll see when setting up the new organization in Aconex. 

Note that if you’re the first user/org admin, you can only change your visibility after another user has been created.

New users

If you're a new user, you can change your visibility when you activate your account.

Guest users

Guest users are always set to visible. However, the person creating the guest user has to confirm they have permission to create them, and therefore publicize the guest's contact details.

Changing your visibility

  1. Select Setup/User/Account Details.
Selecting Setup/User/Account Details.
  1. At the bottom of the General tab you will see the options called List me in the Global Directory and Hide me in the Global Directory.
The opt in and opt out options.
  1. Select the appropriate option.
  2. Select Save to finish the process.

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