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Hiding and showing projects

If you don't want a project to be visible in your account, you can stop it from being visible in the available projects list.

You can change a project’s visibility by changing the settings in Setup/Project/List My Projects.

Searching for a project

If you are working on a large number of projects, you can use any of the search fields at the top of the screen to filter the list. If the one you want doesn't appear when you press Search, it may be hidden. In this case you should select Hidden to show all hidden projects in the Search area of the screen.

The Projects List screen showing the Search area and list of visible projects.

Hiding a project

If you don't want one or more projects to be visible to yourself / your account, you can hide them by selecting them in the list and then pressing Hide or Hide All.

The Hide and Hide All buttons.

Showing a project

If you've hidden one or more projects, but want to make them visible again, you have to select Hidden Show all projects that are hidden in the search area, then press Search.

The Visible and Hidden Icons in the Search area.

In the list that appears, you can then click the Eye icon to un-hide the project. You can also use the Eye icon as a toggle to switch between visible and hidden.

The Visible and Hidden icons under Project visibility.

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