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Set your default language

Use Aconex in the language you're most comfortable with.

Aconex lets you choose a default language setting for the pages of the application.

Available languages
Arabic (العَرَبِيَّة‎‎)Korean (한국어)
Chinese (简体中文)Polish (Polski)
EnglishPortuguese (Português)
French (Français)Russian (Русский)
Japanese (日本語)Spanish (Español)
German (Deutsche)Turkish (Türkçe)
Italian (Italiano)

Choosing a language will also affect the date format you see in Aconex. So if you choose English (UK), dates will display in dd/mm/yyyy format. If you choose English (US), dates will display in m/d/yy format.

  1. Click the Setup button on the Module Menu, and under Configuration, click Preferences.
setup preferences
  1. Clear the checkbox in the Use Default Setting column.
  2. Choose the language in the Select default language list.
Choose Language
  1. Click the Save button.
Save Button

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